Saturday, September 12, 2015

Urgent need

We have a problem and we need your help.

For the 18 years I've worked in Haiti school has begun in October. We pay registration fees in August, have uniforms for new admissions made in September and pay scolarite and first trimmest fees first day of school.

This year everything changed. Sept. 1 the ministry of education informed everyone school would begin Sept. 7. Not much notice. The ministry also informed us that they were changing all uniforms in state schools. Other schools followed suit and changed uniforms.

So we have 110 kids with last year's uniforms which they can't wear. The other 50 can get by with last year's uniform but need shoes and underwear. This means the 110 can't go to school although registration and first term fees have been paid.
Cost of uniform, underwear and good shoes for 1 student $75. US( $100 CAN), cost of good shoes and underwear $30. US.($40 CAN)

If you can help us with a one time donation or pass this on to someone who can, I know 160 young people who will be very grateful.

Mil mesi

Please click the link below to make a donation


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