Friday, December 16, 2005

Hello all

I arrived on Saturday, December 3, and began to clean, as the house has been vacant for several months. One of our kids, Dieugrand, showed up about 10 minutes later. He's so thin. He had been ill, and of course, not eating.

The house was overrun with mice. Jack arrived shortly after and began to clean kitchen drawers. A mouse ran up his arm, and then up the stairs. Upon closer scrutiny, we found a nest with three baby mice (ti sourit), and we dispatched them and their parents to the jungle behind the house.

All the kids are writing exams (yo kompoze), so we have turned Lakay Fondasyon compound into a study centre. There are kids on the roof, on the gallery, on the lawn. We almost have grass. It is patchy but coming along. Everybody takes a 15 minute break and eats a meal.

We have introduced the concept of physical exercise and have already distributed several large sack of rice, and one of beans, and three gallons of oil.

It is the rainy season, so we expect lots of mold and mildew, and we have it.

Thanks very much for sending along the emails from friends in Canada. I will try to respond but on this computer, it takes half an hour to get into my email account.

My time here at the internet cafe is almost up. I will try again when I get the chance. The hydro has been off since Monday morning, and even when the battery has a charge, there's been no phone service.



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