Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hello Everyone!

First of all, for those who have been asking about our financial needs ::

* House $400 US per month ($4,800 US/year)
* Food distribution $1200 US per month ($14,400 US/year)
* Per youth (school, apprenticeship, medical, dental, housing etc.) $1000 US
(150 youth @ $1,000 US = $150,000 US/year)

I am squeaking by with $500 US per student/year and $400 per month for food distribution. If we could provide enough for one meal every day, we would cut down on the amount needed for medical support.

The *good* news this week is that the owner of the house is very pleased with the improvements we have made and has invited us to stay on *without* a rent increase. [Note: The 'improvements' were minor, and necessary to make the house habitable.]

Gas has reached $70 Haitian/gallon (about $10 US/gallon) if you can find it. Several strikes and much frustration.

The hospital is still on strike, so I am sending folks to small clinics. However, like the hospital, they are understaffed and overextended. Many people are sick as a result of recent rains: Jean Ricot is being tested for malaria; Rosenie for TB, Esmann for intestinal infection; and Volcy has a fungal infection on his face.

Alex needs a tetanus shot. He stepped on a nail and it went through his shoe, and his foot is infected. We'll try again tomorrow to get a number at the clinic.

Jetho (apprentice with Boss Paul for masonry in Sen Rafayel) is ill. Sr. Jeanette could not diagnose, so she sent him to Dr. Anne., who also could not diagnose, so she sent him to the hospital in Milot.

Dens Excellent came in today to say his 10-year-old sister, Djeniflor, died earlier that morning. He needs money for burial and suitable clothes. Our money is gone. She is the 2nd sibling to die in that family in less than a year -- Benji, age 3, died last summer.

Djohn Dejoie was in this morning, too, from Sen Rafayel, in need of food and another bed. His was stolen in December. Although he only slept on it for 3 months, he finds that he has pain everywhere again from sleeping on the ground. Unable to help him right now.

Abel greeted 115 people at our 'portail' during the last 2 weeks of March. We have added another 20 names to our waiting list. When finances turn around, we will hopefully become proactive instead of always being reactive.

A work group from Rayjon [Canadian charity] came in last week. They were painting for Sr. Rosemary [Sisters of St. Joseph] and all of them came to lunch on Saturday. I have asked them to send a photo for the web site.

Blessings, Kenbe,


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