Friday, July 7, 2006


Hello Everyone,

First of all, thank you to everyone who requested their emails be forwarded to me in Haiti. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer each personally, or immediately, but I will try to do so over time.

I arrived Sunday (July 2), my flight an hour and a half later than scheduled, and my luggage did not arrive at all. I arranged to return to the Cap-Haitiën airport the following day only to be told that my luggage (with the supplies etc.) had arrived on Sunday after all, but had been put in storage with cargo by mistake.

Jack Dieugrand and Abel were working at the house, and waiting for the supplies. The week before I returned to Haiti, there was a fire in the hydro wires that run from the street into Lakay Fondasyon. Our neighbour cut these wires to stop the cascade. Welcome home. Lack of hydro to the house is not a big problem as right now, the entire city is without electricity.

We are using 15 gallons of potable water per day. We will need more when the senior students finish writing national exams and resume their visits to the house. We have six students now working with the regular staff: Edwina, Chrisatmene, Rosenie, Rodney, Esmann and Wisky. (See student photos). They all arrive 30 minutes early for work so they can get a drink of water, and use our toilet.

It's been difficult to purchase supplies locally as the stores are nearly empty of stock.The shipments are not getting here from the Dominican Republic or Port-Au-Prince.

Our rain reservoir continues to leak as does our kitchen tap. Boss elektrisyen repaired the hydro wire. We are waiting for Bos Plombye and Bos Mason to see about the reservoir.

I am going to use the rent money for September to continue the food distribution program, and Abel and I are making school decisions on a case by case basis. Rose Claudelle no longer has to worry about sharing space with 18 cousins. She has been put out of her house by tonton and must find alternate space.

Djohn D. and Claudy J. are coming down the mountain from Sen Rafayel on Saturday (July 8) with text books that need repairs and recovering. Jude is coming on Saturday morning to check out the sewing machine. We are so busy there is barely time to sit down and talk with each other.

The two boxes sent by Mme Cindy and Mme Paula arrived from Pennsylvania. Thank you so much, all who worked on this. They contained a large quantity of kepi-yo (baseball hats) which Abel is distributing to everyone who comes with report card. So far everyone has passed. What a miracle! The biggest celebration is for the improvement in Math and Science marks, thanks to Abel's tutoring.

I have told the students that school is on hold, due to lack of funds right now, and they understand. However, they also think that blans [whites, foreigners] can do anything short of pulling rabbits out of hats.

Thanks to the Starthrowers in Ontario, who are currently working on fundraising. My internet time is almost up. I will try to write again soon. It's about 130F in the shade. No wonder we are using potable water by the galloné!

Kenbe pa lage [hang in there, don't let go]


Current Status

Wait List for the program:: 51
In school or apprenticeship :: 150
Weekly food distribution (cooking oil, rice, beans) :: Cap-Haitiën 40
Staff :: Sen Rafayel 5
Staff :: Cap-Haitiën 5 full time, 30 part time

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