Monday, August 7, 2006


Hello. tout moun!

I've been out of commission for the past two weeks with a diagnosed kidney infection and possible stones. The Haitian doctor I saw (one of about a dozen in the entire country), (for the wealthy only -- my visit cost about $30 US) was using equipment about 50 years old. If I hadn't been so ill, I would have run away, screaming, at the sight of the lab that did my blood work. I will go back to the lab on Monday (August 7) for further testing as Dr. B. thinks I have kidney stones. If so, or if this infection doesn't start to move out, I must find another doctor, as he is on holiday for the rest of the summer.

I did travel to Port-au-Prince last Wednesday, and returned on Friday. If people think Lynx Air planes are small and uncomfortable, then they *must* try Caribintair! However, the trip down [to PAP] took only half an hour. Flying is the only way to travel this country when you are ill!

Now, though, I have the requirements for a 'permis de sejour' [long-stay visa], so I will begin the process in Canada with the police check, fingerprinting, medical etc. I also travelled to Petionville, to the infant hospital. I briefly sat with a four month old boy in the agony of meningitis. Two others died while I was there. The cardboard boxes in which the bodies are placed are no larger that a birthday cake box. I wonder how many times your heart can break? If I ever needed to be reminded that what Starthrower does in vital, this trip did it. With education and attendant supports, our young adults are the ones who can change the future of their country.

Sorry time is up will send more tomorrow.


[Ed note: I received this update on August 5, and delayed posting until I heard more from Sharon.

So far, nothing. I will try to reach her by phone tomorrow if I still haven't heard from her}

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