Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Hello Everyone,

I arrived safely back in Cap-Hatien in the rainy season, and it's rained nearly every day. The temperature hasn`t dropped yet, though. That will happen closer to Christmas. Until then, it's really humid.

On Monday at 1 p.m., the hydro came on! Everyone was in a euphoric state. The power went off again at 5:30p.m. That four and a half hours is the longest block of hydro since last March. We charged phones, I ironed and made toast. We even plugged in the fridge. Those in our neighbourhood who bought into the private transformer (transformateur privee) have some electricity daily. We paid into it but NOW are told the wire (fil) to hook it up will cost another $1500 Haitian dollars (about $220 US). It is always something.

Abel is somehow managing to work full time and go to school. His Philo classes are from 3-8, so he works from 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m., then packs a lunch and goes to school.

Two boxes arrived from Pennsylvania and we have distributed the clothes. We are saving the candy until Christmas for a special treat. As you know, kids, especially malnourished kids, shouldn't have many sweets, but for Christmas, well, that's special. Much gratitude to Mme Cindy and her community for their continuing support of our 'Starfish' here.

The little digital camera I purchased in Ft. Laudable is amazing. Brother James (Fre Jimps) has the capability to send pictures from a camera via his computer. I will try to send some pictures when I can.

Many students currently on the waiting list are showing up here at Lakay Fondasyon hoping that we can sponsor them. The fees for preimiere trimest are due by next week on the final day before exams begin. Students who haven't paid fees will not be able to write (konpoze) exams, thus losing the year.

Marlene is determined to apply for nursing again at the hospital next summer, and I am looking for options for her in the interim. Right now, she is doing some work for us in the office and will take a 4 month computer course beginning in January. We are still seeking a sponsor to see her through 4 years of training.

Fritz was very happy when I gave him the money for his paintings. I will bring more of his work back with me in the spring. If anyone would like to order something special from him, please let me know. (See catalog paintings) As well, he works with a metal artist and a wood sculptor, so I am looking into helping them find markets.

Until next time, Pi ta


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