Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cap-Haitien to Florida and Back

Hi Everyone,

I am in Florida for the week to fulfill visa requirements. The trip from Cap-Haitien to Miami proved eventful on Monday as we had to land in Ft lauderdale due to storms which closed one runway in Miami. Rather than circle for 2 hours in a storm, the pilots chose to put down , making me very happy as I did not have to shuttle from Miami to Ft Lauderdale. The MIA travellers were not as happy.

Back in Cap, things remaina open and operating. Abel is doing day duty to respond to student needs, Jack is doing night security. Carmene is home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, making mamba (peanut butter), and Joceline in coming in half days to clean through.

I should be home Friday (Feb.9) about 9 a.m. Abel will met me at the airport with a taxi. We are planning to make our mamba/protein mix that day and distribute Saturday and Sunday. Now that we are open all 7 days, we seem to be catching everyone before infections, etc. get out of hand. I however need to carve out a getaway space/time to stay sane.

Christmas gifts for the staff arrived from Penn. last week. Although delayed, the staff was probably more excited because they got to savor opening them. We took numerous photos so will send them when things are up and running.

Some of the kids in Sen Rafayel wrote thank you notes to Mme CIndy and they went to Guilene (our blind recipient of technology from Penn) to type and print their thank yous.

Current challenges: Dieumane has typhoid, vag infection, anemia and vision problems.
  • Gaby has 15 teeth in need of composites/ amalgam.
  • Jean Ricot needs one extraction, and 11 other teeth in need of extensive work.
  • Christamene needs one extraction, and 12 other teeth in need of work
  • Paulaine was to pick up her glasses Monday at the hospital dispensary.
  • Modeline will travel to Milot on Thursday (tomorrow) for blood work to see if she is healthy enough for the surgery.
We finished painting the bedrooms before I left and Jack will paint the employees change room while I am away.

Re: grant applications. Please do not wait until I get home to finalize. I trust you all. Please go ahead.

Nearly forgot. I went to CASCO [shipping company] today and sent some boxes to [Haiti}. We will see how long it takes. The price is certainly right. The 3 boxes I sent today would have cost $200.00 on Lynx. CASCO charges by volume :: the same boxes cost me $40.00 total including customs inspection. We just pick them up at the warehouse after.

Will close for now

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