Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weather, Accident Preclude Updates from Cap-Haitien

Hello Everyone,

(This is Karen posting again.)

I had a phone messsage early this morning from Sharon, explaining that constant rains for the past few weeks meant no satellite uplinks for emails, hence no updates, for which she apologized.

Sharon also said that on Monday, she fell off her bike and broke her wrist. I understood this to be her left wrist, though she went on to say that as she was unable to type, it's likely she won't be posting or replying to any emails for the coming weeks.

I also understood her to say that, after some trying over the past two days, she managed to get x-rays, a doctor to set the wrist, a cast and sling. She added that it hurts a lot and is really slowing her down.

I tried to call her back at the corrrect phone number several times, but keep getting a recording, so I can only assume that while she could call out, no calls are going through.

I will keep trying to reach her, and get a phone update about the current situation there.

If anyone is planning to travel to Cap-Haitien in the coming weeks, can you please contact me through the regular channels.

On behalf of Sharon,

EDIT // Update: Mark from the USA will be in Cap-Haitien next week, and will check on Sharon. Thanks, Mark!!

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