Sunday, April 22, 2007

April a busy time for hospital visits

Hello Everyone,

I am at Roi Christophe to access email for the first time in a week.

I spent last night at Hospital Justinien. One of our boys, Jean Ricot, was in a motor bike accident and suffered head trauma. He really does not look good. Throughout the night, about half of our kids showed up as the news went out about Jean's accident. I asked if all Lakay Fondasyon had showed up, and they said they were changing the name to Fanmi Fondasyon (family foundation). How amazing that these young people have grown into a family.

I am going back to the hospital again and will be there much of the time, as there are no beds and each item needed (syringes, IV tubing, meds, etc.) must be purchased by us at a pharmacy and delivered to the hospital. Jean's sister, Louisens, who works for us in Sen Rafayel, arrived by bus this morning and will sleep at the hospital. The kids will take turns taking in food for her and spelling her for rest breaks.

As I am typing this, I received a call that the hospital is sending Jean Ricot home due to lack of space and that he needs to travel to Carrefourmoustique on Monday for radiogaphie (x-ray). He is in great pain and 'home' is a small shack with no toilet or water and he sleeps on the dirt floor. We do not have the facilities to care for him at the house, but will arrange transit and company for Monday.

This is similar to what happened to me when I broke my wrist -- no x-ray of the broken wrist for 2 days then I had to travel over the worst roads in the world, and sit and wait for 6-8 hours. After seeing my wrist deformity after my cast came off, and after doing physio with me every other day and seeing the pain I am in as a result of an inept doctor, Marlene is now exploring the possibility of becoming an orthopedic surgeon rather than entering nursing as she planned.

I believe anything is possible and hope that the Starthrower community will continue to help these young people as they enter post secondary careers. Haiti has such a need for doctors!

Modeline, who has been living at the house following her surgery, goes back to the hospital at Milot for her post-op check this week. Marlene will go with her. It seems we need 2 vehicles, not one, if the universe is listening. We also need student housing, beds, potable water, mosquito nets etc.

I will return to Canada on Sunday, Apr. 29 to begin intensive therapy, as my wrist was not set correctly. I will also let you know what supplies are needed for the summer, and how best to send them to Haiti. Summer is the busiest time, as we get the students ready for school in September.

Thanks to everyone who has sent supplies, sponsored students, and otherwise helped support these young people. Helping out in Haiti can seem a daunting task. So many need a helping hand. It's easy to become overwhelmed. But, we can do it! Working together, like we have been: One child at a time; One day at a time.

Pi Ta
Scientific calculators arrived safely in Cap-Haitien and are much apprpeciated by the students who never expected to have them at all, much less in time for their exams.

Supplies list will be updated when Sharon returns to Canada for May and June following a very busy few months of rapidly changing needs. (See Things We Need
on the website for general guidelines)

Sponsorships (See Waiting List) :: Several more students were sponsored this month. Many, many thanks! With the school year coming to an end, now we start it all again. Funds are needed for the students' tuition, uniforms, supplies, etc. for September, and for food and medical help all the time.

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