Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lakay Fondasyon :: Online in Cap-Haitien!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to the hard work of several supporters, we at Lakay Fondasyon, Starthrower Foundation's 'home' in Cap-Haitien, are now online! This is my first email using the new system.

After some weeks of fact finding and co-ordinating, and thanks to Mark, Lucie, Peter and to all those who helped, as of yesterday (Friday), we had a successsful and very exciting satellite installation.

The team arrived shortly after 1:30 p.m. and the electricity departed at 2 p.m. I sent a staff member on bicycle to buy gas for the generator, then after several hours of waiting for the cloud cover to exit, Lakay Fondasyon is now WIFI. We were ready to go by 5:30 p.m., but had to wait for electricity.

This morning we have electricity so I am test driving the system. Mark, you and yours are truly guardian angels. [Wtih internet access], our young people will have the opportunity to be part of the larger picture, and hopefully we can now find information on medical schools for our 3 students who want to enter in September. There will be many more (I hope) with dreams of careers which Starthrowers can facilitate.

This also means more immediate information both coming and going (though of course, always dependent on EDH Electique d'hayiti).

Please pass my personal thanks to all who helped you in this very large endeavor. We are very grateful.

We had visitors this week, too. Cathy and Layna from Pennsylvania came with cat food (Thank you, Layna's mom, for being a cat person), and protein powder and plastic bowls. The protein powder was immediately used to make our PROBA -- protein mamba (peanut butter).

Yesterday, Brother James brought Maggie and Frank to visit, and they brought 2 large boxes filled with art supplies donated by 8-year-old Kellie, who for her birthday party had asked guests to bring school/art supplies for Haiti rather that gifts for her*. Thank you, Kellie!!

I leave for Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow, and Toronto the following day. I will be in Orangeville until the end of June. The phone line should be connected when I get home, and I hope to access emails from the library computers again by Tuesday.

Bon dye va beni w,
* With a similar sentiment, a teacher in western Canada, in lieu of a Mother's Day / 92nd birthday gift for her (former teacher) mom, sponsored a student. A truly meaningful gift!


Anonymous said...

Such good news about wifi! Now we need to send 5 or 6 laptops and start computer classes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your wrist is improving Sharon - it was so nice to meet you. Do you have photos you can e-mail me of our visit with Brother James. I am working on spreading word of your work and hope to encourage some fundraising for Haiti here.


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