Friday, June 29, 2007

Read a Book, Buy a Tshirt, Host a Fundraiser!

Hello Everyone,

This summer promises to be one of the most productive and busiest ever! And, even if you are not able to be actively involved over the coming months, you can still support Starthrower by doing some of your 'shopping' online.

The Starthrower Foundation Fundraiser shop (Amazon) offers DVDs, CDs, clothing and gourmet food items, as well as books (great time to catch up on summer reading!), Each sale through this link generates a small commission for Starthrower, and every donation helps!

Starthrower's recommended reading list is posted on the fundraiser shop page (below). Supporters outside of Canada can peruse the titles here, then click the link to order, or make a purchase using the fundraiser shop link.

As well, it was recently brought to our attention that a web directory site listed an unpublished Starthrower page for a CafePress online shop (Starthrower logo on shirts, buttons, caps, mugs etc) that we created two years ago, in the course of searching for custom Tshirt suppliers for an upcoming fundraiser. We ended up using a local supplier at that time, so this shop was never 'opened'. We promptly filed this enterprise in the Future Basket, and went on to other matters. However, since it is now currently listed via another web site, we decided we should link/list it on ours. It also proves that nothing is ever truly lost in cyberspace!

Thanks to those who worked on, and supported, the annual Hamburgers For Haiti in London, Ontario.

Thanks, too, to everyone -- in America, the UK, and Canada -- who's working on fundraising, and grant applications, and sourcing equipment and supplies, and to those sending monthly support. You are all helping to make Starthrower Foundation even more effective in its efforts to help the youth in Haiti.

Sharon is leaving this afternoon (Thursday) to return to Cap-Haitien, and, thanks to the internet access now available at Lakay Fondasyon, plans to send regular updates (weather and hydro permitting). Summer in Cap-Haitien is always a busy time, with the staff getting the students ready for the coming school term. This year, Sharon is looking forward to welcoming a number of visitors. (Fair warning -- You may be put to work!)

If you are planning any fundraisers (garage sales, concerts etc) please let us know and we will gladly promote your event on the web site / blog. The art (paintings and masks) that Sharon brought on consignment are currently off the market for use in a fundraiser.

To our American friends, we wish you a Happy Fourth of July!
To all our Canadian friends, we wish you a Happy Canada Day!

Starthrower Foundation Admin.

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