Friday, July 6, 2007

Heat, Dehydration a Fact of Life in Haiti

Good Morning.

Yesterday, we were working away and a girl started wailing outside of our compound. As the wailing continued unabated, I went and opened the portail and the staff followed. We saw that a group had gathered about 15-20 feet from our door. I asked what was going on, and one of the young men came over and told me, "Yon jen te tomber mouri." (Literal translation: A youth had fallen down dead.)

I know there is currently a heat wave in parts of Canada and the States. Perhaps it will help people begin to understand conditions here: Try to imagine the heat wave continuing for weeks, and NOT having access to drinking water, nor air conditioning or fans, and to be living in a 6'x6' metal-roofed shack which gathers the heat throughout the days, and not only wrings all water from your body but cooks you as well.

Our mother cat, Lucy, gave birth to one kitten yesterday morning. Unfortunately, she was in the middle of contractions when 2 feral cats charged into the cat house and box where she was akouche. The trauma sent her into hiding , ignoring the newborn, so don't know if it has a chance.

More later (plis pita)


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