Friday, August 10, 2007

Cap-Haitien Exams, Sponsor for Medical School

Hello Everyone,

GOOD NEWS ! Marlene has a sponsor for medical school! Everyone is so excited for her. She is studying night and day. That means all of the ones applying now have sponsors, provided they are successful writing entrance exams. Now to find sponsors for the two in Agronomy.

The Not-So-Good news is that Marlene just arrived back from the hospital. She is anemic and has a UTI infection. Sometimes, every day is filled with minutes like this: Good news, bad news, good news.

Esmann also arrived to say that Alex did not come to work this week as he has a fever and needs to go to the hospital. Once again, having a vehicle is so important. I wish the bicycle had a trailer attached.

Auguste dropped in yesterday, taking a study break. When they rewrite next week, it is 8 hours a day for 4 consecutive days. I believe it is the same for university entrance. Then today, when he arrived to work, he told me that yesterday he went past the Department of Education to double check that Monday, Aug. 13 was the date to begin rewrites. When he got there, he saw that the dates had been changed without them informing anyone.

Rewrites now begin Monday, August 20, since Wednesday August 15 is the Feast of Notre Dame. So, if the kids finish writing by August 23rd, we won't have any results before September, which means all bets are off for school opening first week of September, uniforms won't be ready etc...

Sherline just arrived and she is dezole -- she missed her pass by .2 points. She attended Boukman, the high school that was closed half the year because the teachers were on strike because the state didn't pay them. Rodney arrived in tears also -- he missed his year by .1 point.

What a roller coaster! Jack's uncle died this morning. He was 31 with a 6 month old. Auguste and I visited his tikay on Thursday when we made our home visits.



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