Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Student News, Sen Rafayel Update, and Ice Cubes

Hello Everyone!

The staff just arrived en masse and with great noise. They were carrying Auguste in celebration of his "bon" Philo results. (He passed!) When I said they would have to do the same for Jhennie when she arrived after her hospital appointment (she was bon also), they replied No, because Jhennie is young, the right age for a student. Auguste, they said, is a ti gran moun (usually a person who has reached 100 years old. He is 30.)

Jhennie now must decide what she will do next as her Philo was bon. Unfortunately Frantzy was pa bon. He will rewrite in December. If his medical entrance exams were bon, they will hold a place for him to start in January (so we are told). Elorge, Marlene and Frantzy survived medical school entrance exams, although the boys had to purchase new clothes (dress shoes, pants, shirts) in order to be allowed in to write them.

Auguste is going to stay full time with Starthrower Foundation as Director of Education. He will liaise with all school administrations and students, and do intake, monitor their school progress and attendance, pay for medical, dental etc consultations, facilitate home visits, tutor all subjects, all levels. In addition, he will take courses in Enfomatik and English.

Rosenie will go to school (Rheto) evenings and work 3 days a week here managing (purchase, prep, distribution) all supplies, like text books, hygiene products, meds etc. We will hire one new staff member for food prep and distribution on weekends to help Dieugrand.

Deles and Vincent began classes at the University in Limbe on Monday. We will visit them with our next visitor, Jeff, when he arrives, as Jeff's brother is sponsoring one of the boys. Elorge, Marlene and Frantzy survived medical school entrance exams although the boys had to purchase new clothes (dress shoes, pants, shirts) in order to be allowed in.

In addition to his duties as house manager, Jack does all liaison with the bosses with whom we place students in trades. This mroning, he is meeting with Bos Emile at his garage in Pont Neuf. He will check the premises for supplies, other apprentices, talk with the Bos re his credentials. If he is satisfied, he will pay the bos for the year and all parties will sign a contract. Fabien, the student beginning to train as 'mekanisyen' will come back to the house with Jack for funds for work shoes and clothes as well as a back pack with hygiene products.

Our guest from NC left on Sunday. everyone misses her enthusiasm and smile. While Steve and Mark did not stay at the house, they did come bearing gifts. 4 wireless think pads. We are told 2 printers will follow so we have organized the house for usage once the school year is in full swing. Many of our students still have not started as uniforms are not ready.

We have a lot of problems in Sen Rafayel. Poor Claudy and Louisena, the staff there. People in the village think we owe everyone in the village free education, and, as they see only our staff (we cannot travel there due to lack of vehicle) life is full of harrassment for the two of them. I have deliberately not placed Sen Rafayel first year high school students on the wait list as we may have to finish with the students we currently have, then concentrate on Cap-Haitien students. Perhaps when a vehicle arrives the situation will be reviewed.

The amount of electricity has been greatly reduced as the gas supply in Haiti has temporarily dried up, and we need gas to fire the generators. We are out of water, but I have asked Jack and DIeugrand not to pump it until the hydro goes off again. We have to turn off EDH to 'monte dlo-a' (pump water) which means the fridge won't work. I haven't the heart on this first day of hydro to turn it off. We actually have ice cubes today - 10 of them!!
Pita anko

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