Sunday, September 16, 2007

Things We Need -- Updated List

Hello Everyone,

We are madly trying to get everyone in school. Hope to finish inskripson this week then begin paying trimeste fees. Money has been distributed and the kids are responsible for finding a tailor or seamstress, as well as purchasing shoes (hard to find good black dress shoes -- one thing we could use -- new only sizes 6-12 incl. no heels for the girls).

Micheline cried all during work yesterday, so after feeding her and suggesting she lay down, she fell asleep for 2 hours. When she woke, she told us she has been put out of her ti kay and must find a new place by Friday. Housing is such a problem.

The state radio tells us that results for those who rewrote in August will be available today. Will let you know who did what.

More good news - Brunie G. in SR is 'bon' for Rheto so we now have 5 entering Philo in Sen Rafayel and one in Grande Riviere du Nord.

An updated list of items we need. The most urgently needed are in red. (If you'd like to donate any of these items, please send us an email first so we can avoid duplication.)
• Protein powder (ongoing - we use one 2-gallon container each month)
• Vitamin C and chewable Multi vitamins (ongoing)
• Backpacks (50 immediately and 150 for the new year)
• Shoes -- mens and womens new black dress shoes sizes 6-12 inclusive. No high heels.
• Socks and runners for the winter months (Sen Rafayel is about 20 degrees colder)
• Dramamine, Gravol
• Container for carrying gasoline
• Work gloves
• Tooth brushes* (adult)
• Pencil sharpeners, erasers, ball point pens (blue ink)
• Sunglasses, Baseball caps, sun hats, Cotton scarves, handkerchiefs
• Ibuprofen, Tylenol
• Tools -- sanding machine, electric saw, electric drill with multi heads - (to drill cement), measuring tape (heavy duty)
• Cat food (dry Purina One for Sensitive systems, tinned Friskies
• Cat carrying case for vet trips (cats keep the rats at bay)
When Auguste arrived for work as I was updating this list, he mentioned he would like a'machin pou koupe gazon an (a machine to cut the grass). We are still using scissors. A general roar of approval went up when he said this. A weed whacker (gas or electric) would probably work. A real lawn mower even better.
ALA pwochen


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