Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday News

This morning is tense. 2 died in Jack's kartye yesterday -- a 4 yr old girl who was in his daughter's class (the daughter who is recovering from ??) and a 50 yr old man. Both had been tested but nothing showed. Our Marlene (Same kartye -- Rosenie's roommate) whom I sent to another clinic THursday for blood work because I disagreed with Malaria treatment without analysis, has just been taken to hospital. The blood work showed nothing yet the vomiting has been constant since Fri- and gravol doesn't touch it. Fever started before vomiting. New blood work showed nothing. So we wait. If they admit her, I will head down immediately as every item needed must be provided by family -- tubes, syringes, meds, food, blankets, nightgown. Also someone needs to sleep on the floor by her bed in case she needs help during the night.

Many thanks to Lucie and Peter for their generous donation. We will be purchasing our new truck in PAP as soon as I have my Haitian papers, hopefully within the next 2 weeks. I have phoned the dealership in PAP and Mme Gabriele is checking stock. I will transfer a deposit to prepare the vehicle then transfer the rest before pick up. In time to put under the Christmas tree (except we don't have one). Perfect timing with so many ill and unable to walk for treatment/diagnosis.

[As for what is making everyone so ill if it is not malaria, it could be something like} 'leptospirosis" that results from animal urine entering water. A very good bet as the well in that kartye is a large open hole in the side of the mountain and everyone uses it for everything. When {tropical storm] Noel went through 3 weeks ago all water levels rose and mixed, and of course we have animal urine in the streets all the time. The perfect nightmare. This explains so many others in need of consult yesterday with similar symptoms. Can't figure out why not showing up in analysis as is bacterial.

I haven't heard from Sen Rafayel yet. Phones not working.)


PS Rosenie just called from the hospital -- tests came back negative so hosp. sending her for more. Typhus, we can diagnose; dengue another bet.

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