Sunday, November 4, 2007

TS Noel's Aftermath in Cap-Haitien, Student Status

Hello Everyone,

I finally heard from Auguste this afternoon. With the storm, the phones and internet have been down. There's no electricity in Cap-Haitien. I don't know how or where he sent the email from. No damage, just rain from Noel. However Sen Rafayel is more isolated as the river is very high making it impossible now for any vehicles to go up or down.

Remember the bridge was washed out the week before last Christmas, making it necessary to traverse the river. In spite of the massive UN presence no one has replaced the bridge to allow vehicle traffic to resume.

Rosenie and Sherline have been diagnosed with Typhoid fever. Marlene finally got to the hospital at Milot for a consultation on the lump on her breast (she's been trying since last summer). She has a date of Nov. 21 for surgery. Modeline's date was changed 4 times in the Winter / Spring so we understand from experience that a date change is possible. Dieugrand travelled with her and will do the same for the surgery date. What surgery exactly? I have no idea.

I arrive back November 20, so I will ask Auguste to try to find a taxi driver who will take them and wait and deliver them home. Milot is about 30 miles away on roads that are in very bad shape. Public transit is available but not after surgery. If surgery takes place that day, we will bring her back to the house to recoup. If Rosenie is sufficiently recovered, I will ask her to come help. She can use the job. Timing is everything.

We will have visitors coming December 4-8, two of whom will stay at our place and will travel with us for home visits.

ale - kenbe pa


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Starthower Founder said...

Update from Auguste: Sherline was misdiagnosed -- she has malaria. Only Rosenie has typhoid. Also Jack's 5 yr old daughter has malaria. Dieugrand did not accompany Marlene to Milot. He also went for consultation and also needs surgery. I have no diagnosis for either as yet.


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