Thursday, February 14, 2008

Donations for Starthrower in Haiti Ongoing Needs

Hello Everyone,

This post is for anyone who will be visiting us before the summer months, and so can bring in their luggage, or for anyone who is planning to donate goods, once shipping issues are sorted out. These are ongoing needs:
  • IAMS tinned cat food and Purina One Natural Blends Dry/ and Purina One Special Care (Sensitive Systems) dry: all our cats tolerate these and vomiting stops when we can provide these brands. We need healthy cats as they are very efficient at keeping the rat/cockroach/mouse population at bay.There are more expensive Natural brands - these are half way and they do the job.
  • Hand sanitizer large refill size
  • Multi vitamins (chewable if possible)
  • Vitamin C (chewable if possible)
  • Sensodyne toothpaste and dental rinse (or any paste for sensitive teeth) All our kids have dental problems
  • Tylenol and Ibuprofen -- all strengths
  • Empty containers all sizes -- prescription vials with lids, peanut butter jars with lids, film cannisters etc. If you are bringing empty peanut butter jars with lids, consider filling them first with something like pencil sharpeners or erasers or cotton balls or small treats or watches etc
  • Protein powder
  • Cough syrups Yes they work for some things and we have quite a few.
Thanks on behalf of all who will benefit from your generosity.


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Rambling Rose said...

I stumbled across your blog yesterday - am slowly reading all your posts to educate myself on Haiti. I befriended a Haitian nun who lives an hour's drive from me; and am attempting to help with donations to her orphanage in Gaillard. We collected school supplies and have been looking for a way to send them. Am keeping my ears and eyes open for other items that would be beneficial - am curious about the use of plastic containers. Hope you don't mind sharing your expertise. Your blog provides a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for this practical down-to-earth infomation you are making available.


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