Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Violence in Cap-Haitien and Sen Rafayel

Hello Everyone,

The hydro just came on again so I am sending on some news about what's happened in the past few days. It seems lawlessness here is at an all time high.

In Cap-Haitien:
  • A 23year-old kidnapped from our katye was killed as her parents had no money to pay ransom.
  • A doctor kidnapped from the corner paid $50,000.00 US for his freedom.
  • A friend of Jack's was kidnapped last night while riding a taptap; the same ransom demand ($50,000). He has 2 small children, no job.
And in Sen Rafayel:
The Caisse Populaire( village bank) in Sen Rafayel was robbed by 6 men on Monday. As in the past, the police hid in the station. The local priest (the same priest who charges folks for communion) has a radio station. He told everyone listening that a robbery was taking place.

The villagers pursued the 6 (who are known kidnappers). The villagers had machetes; the robbers, guns. One robber was killed, 2 are imprisoned, 3 got away with all money. Several villagers were killed, and Jack's cousin, who led the charge, was shot in the derriere. He was brought by taptap down the mountain to Lopital Justinien. The doctors recommended surgery to remove the bullet, and gave him prescriptions for pain meds. He had no money so the doc's discharged him.

Jack and his brother Wisky both said they had never seen someone in such pain. He travelled back to Sen Rafayel on kamyonet. He needs $700 Haitian or $100.00 US for the surgery. I can't believe the magistrate is not helping, or the doctors, for that matter. I have said we would pay the surgery costs so am waiting to hear back.

Perhaps someone who reads this would like to help pay for his surgery?

We are still desperately seeking a vehicle to purchase. In the meantime, we only use one taxi -- Jackson's. If he is not available, I stay put. This morning he informed me that he will not stop for anyone else if I am in the car and he does not have his brother for security. Good to know I am taken care of.

Pi ta

Update 3:30p.m. EDT

Alland (He came Monday asking for food) is just leaving. We sent him to the clinic yesterday, results came today. He has malaria, anemia , UTI. Auguste and I had diagnosed this even before we sent him.

We will see illnesses increase now, with the end of food distribution program. Poor kid is so sick. He just finished Philo, and wants to be a doctor. Two local physicians have started a summer course for students wanting to enter medical school in Haiti.

A great idea but $100.00 US plus books, uniform. We just don't have it but it would be a great test. If he got in to medical school, we would know the system can be changed.

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record I've heard of 9 other kidnappings with ransoms of $20,000-$40,000 from the past 4 months and one other kidnapping in July of with a ransom of $100,000. All in Cap and surrounding towns. The $100,000 kidnapping was targetted at a program that has been in Cap for years and when it wasn't paid left the victim beaten within an inch of his life and dumped in a toilet. Keep safe.


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