Sunday, September 21, 2008

College Jean-Claude Mondesir High School in Cap-Haitien Haiti Fees and Post Secondary Sponsors

Hello Everyone,

Folks have asked about the cost of sending a youth to high school in Haiti for a year, so I am going to provide the fees and associated cost for one high school in Cap-Haitien, the College Jean-Claude Mondesir, at 143 Rue 23F, where we have 2 students registered and 3 more waiting for sponsor funds.

As you may recall, I've mentioned in earlier posts that high school fees vary according to grade level and school. These fees below are specifically for Marcellus and Rodney, who are in 3eme, which is the 4th year of high school. I hope this information is helpful.

The fees are listed in Haitian dollars (5 gourdes = $1 Haitian; about $7 Haitian = $1 USD)
  • Enskripsyon fee: $50.
  • Frais Scolaire: $950.
  • Iden. Card. $30.
  • Mois Sept. $220.
  • Informatique $300.
  • Ecolage $650 par trimeste X 3 trimeste =$1950.00
  • TOTAL --- $ $3500. Haitian OR 17,500 GDS OR $500. USD
Associated school costs include:
  • text books: 11 text books plus 3 dictionaries, about *$2500.H or *$357. USD
  • school supplies
  • uniform (including shoes and underwear) and hygiene products: about $700. H or $100. USD
  • medical
  • dental
  • housing
  • food and potable water
Total cost for 1 student, NOT including medical, dental, food, water, housing: Just under $957 USD per year.

*Text books costs would be much higher if not for our intensive textbook refurbish program which runs from July1 to August 31.

College Jean-Claude Mondesir is a medium priced school; for other schools, we pay more; for some, less. We have NO students attending any of the 4 top schools in the Cap-Haitien, as they are beyond our financial abilities. However, if we could afford to send students to the top schools, it would guarantee better teachers, equipment and placement in post secondary situations.

Special request for Post-secondary sponsors

Mechanique Auto-Diesel at Universite Internationale de St-Gerard.

Johnley P. and Danius J., our 2 boys from Sen Rafayel who want to study Mechanique Auto-Diesel, have brought in the pertinent information from Universite Internationale de St-Gerard.

This school has an American - Canadian affiliation, as flags for all three countries are displayed on the information page, and are shown in the photo of the university entrance. We phoned the university and spoke with the director of admissions. There are no entrance exams required, because proof of Philo (attestation; High school diploma) serves the purpose.

Fees and living expenses would come to close to $2000. USD per year, per student, which is a little lower than other post-secondary schools, as Universite Internationale de St-Gerard is one of the less expensive post secondary facilities. Classes begin October 6. This is a 3 year program plus a year of internship at the end.

Medical Technology Program

Frantzy has been accepted into a medical technology program with a demi-bous of half fee. He needs $1000. per year for 4 years (school only - help with living expenses would be appreciated).

Our other University hopefuls are writing entrance exams this week. Plenitude wrote last Saturday and has yet to hear her results.

Thank you all for your support with these students.

I am staying on in Haiti longer than planned so I can try to get the students settled. With the aftermath of the hurricane and severe storms, school opening has been moved from September until early October.

I plan to return to Canada on October 11 (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend) for a few weeks.


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