Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TS Hanna Battering Northern Haiti Flights from Florida Canceled

Hi All

A quick update as I sit in Ft. Lauderdale hoping to return home to Cap after a weekend of meetings here. Hopefully we can do an end run around TS Hanna [see National Hurricane Center for tracking map, and location of Haiti from east coast Florida]

It was good to see Alex and Laura's blog post. Another perspective is always enlightening for me. I look forward to their impressions of our home visit program.

I just talked to Lynx Air about the flight back to Cap-Haitien scheduled for this morning (Tuesday), and Lynx says to show up at the airport in any event, as no decision reached yet. Don't see how we can go, though, as all flight paths are contaminated.


Just talked with Lynx rep again. The flight is delayed and may be cancelled but I need to show up as per ticket. If cancelled, I will come back to the hotel.


Just arrived back to the hotel from the airport. Flight cancelled as Cap-Haitien is being hit hard by TS Hanna, and the Cap-Haitien airport is closed. According to one American with whom I am travelling, there are reports of bodies (10) floating in the street in Cap.

He had been speaking to folks in Cap who were waiting for his flight to arrive. They strongly advised against travel in the event the flight was not cancelled. Lynx is prudent and would not risk anyone. I have confidence born of 10 years of travel with them.

Apparently Artibonite and Gonaives flooded again as well. Will try to contact staff to find out how they are doing, and let them know that maybe tomorrow I can get a flight out.

[With the coming storm / hurricane] I think I am the only guest in the hotel so have the computer to myself. Will check in every few hours.


Just got through to the house in Haiti. I spoke to Auguste, who said they had some flooding at the house and they are cleaning up. The kids couldn't get home last night, so they stayed at the house; I told them to stay again tonight if necessary. They have had no hydro, and no solar, so soon, the phones will lose charges. Hanna is still blanketing North Haiti.

If I am unable to inform them of future flight change and arrival time, I will take my chances at the Cap-Haitien airport. Lynx not certain which day we will get out. Apparently, Ike and Josephine are following Hanna. I hope we find a window. I am glad the kids are safe (as far as we know).

Pi ta
Wednesday, Sept. 3 2008 update:

Hello again,

I will fly out on Lynx to morrow (Thurs) at noon. TS Ike is set to hit Haiti on Saturday, so that gives us a day on Friday to buy groceries, purchase cleaning supplies and help clean and repair as many ti kay yo as possible.

Here is the email I just received from Auguste in Kreyol, with translation. Reading between the lines, Sen Rafayel is again all but wiped off the map. This happened a year ago last Christmas too. They were just rebuilding and replacing animals etc Status quo has a very different meaning here.

Bonjou, Mme

jodia gen sevis internet paske gen piti soley. Dlo antre nan kek kay okap si tou moun ki rete Petit-Ance ak Fort-Saint michel.

Sen-Rafayel riviere desann li pran jaden ak bet.
Mesi, Bondye beni-ou.

Today we have a little sun so a little internet. Hardest hit with flooding are many of the houses where our kids live in Petit-Anse and Ft. St. Michel.

In Sen Rafayel the swollen river came down the mountain and washed away gardens and animals (once again)

Thanks - Blessings

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