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Haiti News - Schools, Sponsor Students, Shipping ~ Winter in Canada and Cap-Haitien

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Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time since the last blog post update. I hope everyone had a good break over the holidays. I am in regular contact with the staff in Cap-Haitien, and I've had some news to pass on to you.

Auguste emails that, following the Christmas break, our young people in both Cap-Haitien and Sen Rafayel started school again on Monday, January 12. He is busy paying second trimeste fees and is expecting the students' first term reports cards and/or bulletins to come in shortly.

Student Sponsors
  • Marlene and Elorge, our students attending university in the Dominican Republic, returned to Santiago for classes January 5.
  • Deles and Vincent are back in class for the last semester of Year Two at the University in Limbe, Haiti. As you may recall, Vincent's sponsor was unable to continue, and as yet, we do not have a replacement sponsor (See December post and post from last March ). Since Starthrower Foundation can no longer support post-secondary students, he will have to forgo his studies if we are unable to find a new sponsor to support him for 3rd and 4th year.
  • Plenitude has returned to Port-au-Prince , again borrowing money to finish his first year in telecommunications study. We also ask again for a sponsor for him.
If you know of any associations, groups or clubs who may want to undertake post-secondary sponsorship, please pass along this message.

Winter in Haiti ~ Vitamin C Needed
Auguste also reports that nearly everyone who comes to Lakay Fondasyon for safe drinking water has winter colds, which are giving rise to eye, ear, throat and chest infections, and that we are nearly out of vitamin C. As we are unable to purchase some necessities, such as Vitamin C, in Haiti, any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

In the past we have been able to provide everyone with enough vitamin C for a daily dose. When food is in short supply, as it is now, we always see an increase in the number of illnesses which in turn prevent school attendance. These illnesses also keeps Auguste busy informing the schools of absenteeism. Also he is once again responsible for handling all student medical referrals and prescription purchases as we were unable to replace Jhennie after she left in May.

Supplies Received via CASCO ~ Thanks!
Thanks to Cindy and Maureen in the States for supplies received. CASCO is again functioning with about a 4 to 5 week wait time for warehouse (Ft. Lauderdale) to warehouse (Cap-Haitien) delivery. Although changes in customs routines have necessitated price increases. it is still more reliable to have CASCO see goods through customs.

As I am still unable to travel, I know the staff would really appreciate receiving anything anyone can send. My dream is to have enough supplies arriving that we don't have to keep asking. Contact Starthrower by return e-mail if you need shipping information.

Special thanks to the Solon Family for their Christmas fundraiser to benefit Starthrower. Thanks again to everyone who wrote and phoned over the holidays. Your support has been overwhelming.

My 'first' Winter in Canada
In closing, my health continues to improve slowly and steadily. Weather permitting, I meet with the surgeon January 26. Tests originally scheduled for this week in Toronto have been postponed as the original surgical wound is not yet healed.

I qualify every day's activities with "weather permitting". This has been my first winter in Canada in many years. I had forgotten how beautiful and how brutal winter can be here. Somehow the nurses from St. Elizabeth and the support workers from Red Cross manage to get to my place in spite of inclement conditions. They are truly dedicated, amazing people. Thanks Lesley, Jenna, Joanne and Marie.

Plis pi ta (more later)

Beni-w (Blessings)

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