Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ship to Haiti ~ Cas Xpress in Florida

Hello Everyone,

We received this email from the president of CASCO, the American company that has been handling our shipping of goods from Florida to Cap-Haitien. It is posted here to assist those of you who require this information.

Here are excerpts with contact information for the new business.

Caribbean American Shipping Corp (CASCO) is closing effective May 29, 2009.
I truly appreciate your business, confidence and loyalty over the years.

It has been my privilege to have met and worked with so many wonderful people assisting our adopted country of Haiti.

As many of you and your organizations have expressed through letters and emails, you have come to appreciate and depend upon the personalized shipping service our staff has provided you.

Some of my employees will be continuing the ship to Haiti service. One such employee is Maybeline Dugue Despagne, a native of Cap-Haitien who has been with CASCO for 6 years and has handled most of the documentation of your cargo for the last two.

She has formed her own company, Caribbean American Shipping Xpress, LLC (Cas Xpress ), leased an adequate warehouse a few miles from here in Florida, and will work with some of her co-employees in both Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien. I am very confident that Maybeline and her team will give you the same reliable service you have become accustomed to.

New Contact Information Effective June 1, 2009

Caribbean American Shipping Xpress, LLC ( Cas Xpress )
3989 Pembroke Road
Hollywood, Florida 33021
Maybeline [ at ]

Ship your cargo directly to the new address to arrive on or after June 1 in Florida, for shipping to Port-au-Prince or Cap-Haitien.


Carrefour Marrassa
Santo 25, Rentre Fomosa #16
La Pleine, Port au Prince, Haiti
(509) 3550-9323

Cap-Haitien warehouse address for pick up of cargo has changed.
The new address is :

Rue 8/9 H , #113
Cap-Haitien, Haiti
(509) 3761-1272



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