Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haiti School Registration, Supplies, Shipping Backpacks, Exam Results

Hello Everyone,

As yet, I don't have an update from Sewoz (Sister Rosemary) on her trip to France with our student. When she phoned on their return two weeks ago, the phone connection was too poor and full of static, and she has been on retreat ever since. She did say the trip went amazingly well, and I will report details when I again hear from her and Rosenie.

Registrations, Text Books, Uniforms
Auguste, our director of education, has emailed that he is extremely busy registering (fe insripyson an) our students in school in Cap-Haitien, and arranging for registration in Sen Rafayel.

When students are registered, the schools provides the book lists and uniform material samples they will need to attend classes this fall. As the text book lists come in to our office, Starthrower's book repair team begins to assemble the necessary texts, and to compile lists of books that we do not already have. Each day, the staff will go to the market. look through the book stalls and let the vendors know which titles we need, and to hold them for us.

As well, funds to cover the cost of material for uniforms, and tailor / seamstress fees, and buying items like underwear and shoes will be distributed to each student. Claudy in Sen Rafayel is coming to Cap-Haitien this weekend to pick up the money needed to pay for inskripsyon and uniforms in Sen Rafayel schools.

Tuition First Semester
This coming week Auguste will make a return visit to the Cap-Haitien schools to pay the first trimester fees, and Claudy will make another trip to Cap-Haitien to pick up money to pay tuition in Sen Rafayel. Starthrower makes school tuition payments in stages because carrying large sums of money is not wise anywhere, and especially ill advised in Haiti.

School Starts, Exam Results
Haiti school classes are scheduled to begin on Monday, September 7, barring any tropical storms or hurricanes. The weather this year has been much calmer than last year. However, now that Bill and Danny have skirted Haiti, there is another storm brewing with the potential to escalate: See National Hurricane Center

Those students who were ajournee rewrote final state exams last week and are once again awaiting the results.

Sponsors Needed
Vincent, Brunie, Plenitude, Gaby, Alland, Wisly, Casimyr and Osmann are still praying for sponsors (see this post and this post for details on some of these students). Brunie, Gaby, Alland and Wisly will travel to Leogane to write entrance exams for Nursing Sciences program next week.

Currently we have no back packs to fill with supplies and distribute to about 125 students. Judy in NB Canada has some backpacks ready to ship, as do I here in Orangeville, but there is no cost effective way to get them to Haiti. Daniel in Toronto has purchased some in the U.S, and is working with cargo company CasXpress in Ft Lauderdale to ship 48 packs.

If anyone is planning to travel to Florida or Haiti and can deliver these packs part way or all the way to Haiti, please let us know. We are following up on a shipment of supplies (Thanks, Kayla) whose journey to Haiti began in June, and as of yet, have not arrived in Haiti. But many thanks to all who are doing their best to help these students. Whenever the packs arrive, they will be put to immediate use

Reading List
I have been reading lately; it's gift to have the energy and the time. In Teatime for the Traditionally Built, a novel by Alexander McCall Smith, his fictional African Bishop, speaking to a distraught parishioner worried about 'future doom', says,
"Our concern should be what is happening right now. There is plenty of work for love to do'".(p.56)

There is plenty of work for love to do: Such a simple sentence, yet such a profound sentiment.

In Wayne Dyer's Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, he quotes his teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj (pg. 23):

"Wisdom is knowing nothing, Love is knowing everything, and between the two, my life moves. And while you're living, stay as close to Love as you can."

What a challenge: To stay as close to love as you can. Easier said than done with the busy-ness and distractions of every day life. But what a difference we could make in this world if we each consciously make the effort to stay as close to love as we can. Think of the healing that could take place!

Boulder CO Trip
On the weekend of September 11, I plan to travel to Boulder, CO to attend a fundraiser to support our Potable Water Distribution Program. This will be my first solo trip since last summer, and I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Thank You
On a personal note, I spent a day at St. Anne's Spa in Grafton, ON as the guest of owner Jim Corcoran. Jim had invited me to come to St. Anne's last summer, before my illness and surgeries intervened. Thank you, Jim and staff, for a very relaxing, rejuvenating day! As I have another major surgery scheduled for October 20, the timing was perfect.

I know what a fine job Auguste and staff are doing, and that we are all doing everything possible to keep programs running smoothly in my absence.

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting these young people. You are helping them change their lives, and that of their country.

Beni w (Blessings)

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Sharon Gaskell said...

A detail to add - when our young people came with report cards during the summer months, they were asked to read and sign a contract, which we also sign. We renew contracts each year. It clarifies what students and foundation will do during the coming school year.

This helps keep 'lakay fondasyon' operating from a position of justice rather than charity - collaborative relationships.


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