Sunday, November 1, 2009

Starthrower in Haiti Webcomic Fundraiser For Education Program Launched

Starthrower Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a unique fundraiser to raise funds for the Education Program in Haiti.

Starthrower in Haiti is a web comic, an online version of a graphic novel, created by Dan Lafrance that tells in picture form the story of Starthrower Foundation and Sharon Gaskell's work in Cap-Haitien and Sen Rafayel, Haiti, to sponsor Haitian youth in school.

Begin with the Starthrower in Haiti Welcome page  and the Prologue, which tells the story of Loren Eiseley's The Starthrower in picture form. Follow the Next links to read the full story. The story of daily life in Haiti begins with Home Visits. Use the Next or Previous buttons to read ahead or go back in the story.

New Pages
New pages will be posted Tuesdays and Thursdays from now until Christmas. You can use the Email sign up box on the web comic site to have new pages delivered to your inbox as they are posted. This is done automatically, so your email is not divulged to anyone.

Backgrounder Starthrower in Haiti Webcomic
Dan Lafrance is a Toronto, Canada-based professional storyboard artist who has been working in animation for more than 24 years. Last March, Daniel contacted Starthrower Foundation with his unique fundraising idea to tell its story in a graphic novel format.

Daniel wanted to reach a wider audience and a totally different demographic to tell the story of life in Haiti, and to raise funds to help our students get an education.

After months of meetings and phone and email discussions with Sharon to make sure the graphic novel portrayed Starthrower Foundation as accurately as possible, Daniel began drawing his wonderful pictures.

He enlisted the help of Cassi Fuertez, a talented colorist, for the prologue and the webcomic banner.

How Webcomics Work
The practical business-minded will be asking, "How do webcomics raise funds?" In the webcomic community, creators are shown appreciation by the inclusion of a Tip Jar - a Donate button on the comic pages.

Why not have the webcomic Tip Jar/ Donate button go directly to Starthrower Foundation's Canada Helps page, Dan thought, so all tips would go directly to the Education and Food Distribution programs.

The donate link is on the web comic site, and at the bottom of the web comic email updates.

More Than a Fundraiser
But Starthrower in Haiti is much more than a fundraiser in novel format with lovely images: It is also a fantastic resource for educators everywhere who are looking for ways to teach units about Haiti, charities, and social justice.

If you are a teacher, or know someone who is, send them the link to the web comic. The graphic novel format is appropriate for all ages, and many levels of reading skills.

How You Can Help Raise Awareness
If you enjoy the web comic and appreciate the incredible amount of time and work that has gone into its creation and development, then help spread the word.

Send the web comic link to your contacts that would enjoy reading about life in Haiti. Post the link on your Facebook status and your Twitter feeds and MySpace pages.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Starthrower in Haiti speaks volumes. And though the web comic is scheduled at this time to run for a few short months, the content is evergreen and will be an ongoing, online global resource.

What Next?
Daniel is currently looking for ways to publish Starthrower in Haiti in print form. If you can help, please contact him through the web comic site.

To Daniel and all who supported this project, a big Thank You from Starthrower Foundation!

As much as fundraisers are urgently needed to keep our university students in school after Christmas, and as urgently as funds are needed to re-establish the Food Distribution program, this web comic will be invaluable for helping others understand life in Haiti, and the difference between Charity and Social Justice.

Like It? Comments?
Please take a minute to leave a comment on the web comic site, to show your support or to ask questions or make a comment about a particular issue.

Start Reading
Here's the Welcome Page. Working together, we CAN make a difference!



Karen said...

Hi Everyone,

Sharon is continuing to recover at home - send her an email or leave her a comment/note here.

You can leave message anonymously - just put your first name at end of message so she will know it's you!

ResilientMichael said...

Just heard Sharon on CBC radio in Toronto this morning. First get well, get strong. I too have had digestive tract reconstructive surgery. It takes time but I'm back up to :) full power.

Keep up the great work.

Let me know how I might help doing a fund raiser in Toronto and or Montreal.



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