Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in Haiti Fundraisers Thanks!

Bonjou tout moun / Hello Everyone!

To our fundraisers and Christmas box donors, to all of you who have supported Starthrower Foundation this year, and to Starthrowers true as well as new, a huge Thank You!

Sarnia, Ontario:
Congratulations and many happy returns to Mme Marjorie on her 80th birthday! Instead of gifts at the open house held in her honour, Marjorie had requested donations to the students in the nursing program.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Marj! (Earlier this year, Marjorie went parasailing in the Dominican Republic. I want to be just like her when I grow up!)

Orangeville Ontario:
Thanks to Cindy S. who organized the Acheson's fundraiser last week. Cindy would be the first to say that she did not do it singlehandedly. Thanks, too, to Martina, Cindy's business partner who shared the load.

Thank you, too, to everyone who helped make this fundraiser a success!
  • Dianne and her staff at Acheson's: You made us feel so welcome. It was a great event!
  • Harmony Market and Mochaberry coffee shop, who supplied beverages.
  • Angela who designed and supplied tickets for the draw (which will take place Dec. 23rd).
  • Ste. Anne's Spa for donating spa packages.
  • Special thanks to Scotiabank for committing to match funds raised by Acheson's.

Mme Cindy and her elves have been busy preparing Christmas boxes for each of our kids, and the boxes are now on their way to Haiti. As well, they've sent a donation to purchase rice, beans and oil for Christmas distribution.

Although I won't be there this Christmas to distribute them, I know from other years how much these boxes and foods are appreciated, and the joy with which they are received. To all who participated in this huge undertaking, my gratitude and that of our staff and students!

Web Comic for High School Sponsorship:
Thanks to Daniel Lafrance, Toronto, ON, for his continuing work on the web comic to raise funds to sponsor High school students in Haiti. The web comic continues to receive positive critical reviews. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to read it yet (see, perhaps you'll have some time over the Holidays.

The latest pages tell Auguste's story. Auguste writes that he is very pleased with how Daniel has portrayed his situation, and that the web comic is vreman bel (very beautiful).

Thanks, too, to those who have donated (often anonymously) through the link on the webcomic!

Sponsorship Thanks:
To each of you, thank you for supporting the amazing young people we sponsor in Haiti. The Christmas break approaches and the first trimeste is coming to a close. Some students completed exams last Friday and others will finish this week. Then we will all wait for the results. In the interim, there will be Christmas boxes and the fet of Jou endepandans (celebrations for January 1 Haiti Independance Day).

As is the case with first year post secondary students everywhere, not all of Starthrower's students will 'make the cut' at Christmas. Once we have the exam results, we will know who will be going on to the next term, and who will be looking to other endeavors.

Other News:
Sad news: Charlie Brown, our fierce guard cat, died last weekend. His unrelenting 'critter control' services will be sorely missed.

I continue to recover after surgery, though a bad bout of flu kept me close to home for a week or so. Thanks to all who lent a hand during this time.

In 2010, Starthrower will likely face new challenges as well as the all-too-familiar old ones. But as in the past, so in the future: Working together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of our young adults in Haiti!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!




Sharon said...

Karen -

The Animoto Christmas Card is beautiful- a great reminder of the depth and breadth of the work that has become and continues to define Starthrower.

Thank you.

Karen said...

Thank you Sharon!

You've reminded me to thank the team at who kindly gifted Starthrower Foundation the extended pro version of their excellent service.

[Animoto's free version allows for 30-second videos from photographs; the pro version carries a fee that is waived for qualifying NGOs and charities.]



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