Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Haiti in the time of Cholera

Tomorrow we head up Sen Rafayel.  We have 2 active cases of cholera that we know of - Illiomene (student staff) and Suzanne.

Vaudre has recovered and we are going to pay his hospital bill to get him released. Thank you to everyone who donated money to help us fight the Cholera crisis and also to get Vaudre out of the hospital.

Alex was in today - his aunt died this morning in Sen Rafayel and he needs travel money.  We just can't do it with so many dying of Cholera.

Paudeline (mother predeceased) lost her grandmother and father to Cholera on the weekend.  Last week Talien's grandmother and brother died (parents already deceased).

And Carline has Typhoid, Rosema Malaria, Edwina undiagnosed.

Our university students in Santiago, Dominican Republic (Jhennie - Business Administration, Elorge and Marlene - Pre Med ) have already been apprised of the reality of border crossing.  If they come home for Christmas they will not be allowed back in the Dominican Republic.  We will arrange fund transfers.  This eliminates their ability to work and make much needed money for living expenses as they are not allowed to work in the DR.

Thanks Cindy in Pennsylvania for the 2 boxes which arrived yesterday.  Carmene is baking cookies from the mix you sent as I write.

Intermittent electricity at the house - Boss working there now as our refrigerator has been leaking small rivers.  Danius (2nd year Business Admin) came out Friday and serviced our truck. What talented students we have.

Sunday was a lock down day due to elections - frequent gunfire and very angry crowds outside our portay - bottles and rocks being thrown. The voting location in Sen Rafayel as well as all ballots cast were burned.

We still await official results.  Anger still simmers.

More later,

Daniel here - Sharon has a lot more informations she would like to share but could only send out this little update from a cybercafe in Cap-Haitien.

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Peg said...

You are all in my prayers! Peg


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