Monday, September 12, 2011

First Round National Exam Results, Sen Rafayel Plans and SNOW

Hi Everyone -

Finally some exam results to share, although 30% of our students must rewrite as many as six exams each. Some results were available (for a fee) last Thursday in Cap-Haitien while those in the village had to wait until school administrators came down to pick up results. Still waiting for results for Nouveau Secondaire - don't ask. Opening of the new year has been bumped from September to October. Thank you to all sponsors for your patience. I'll be able to get some results out this week.

In Cap-Haitien, we break down like this: 58% pass , 18% ajoune (must rewrite later this month), 24% elimine (must repeat).

Edwina - BON for Philo!!!

Inea - BON in spite of Tuberculosis and
a cyst on the thyroid.
Sen Rafayel numbers not all that different although we have a  much larger student population as well as a larger group attending State National schools. In the village: 68% admi,  12% ajoune,  20% elimine.

While the long wait is over for many,  those 'ajoune' still wait to find out what, when and where they will rewrite. After the rewrites, we wait  again, delaying school opening for everyone.

Almost home
In tandem with construction on the new center, we have begun to register returning students,  and home visits continue.

Visiting Daline (background)

While visiting both Dahendie and Daline last week, the usual joyful procession of 3-6 year olds formed around us, sometimes leading, sometimes following, always questioning.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I couldn't help but see  yet another use for our new home.  Once peak time usage is established, we'll find the quiet times at the center and set up a pilot early start program for a few 4 and 5 year olds.

A service component will be added for senior students registered with us and I'll provide initial training. We'll ask them to give a half day a month with the little ones.

Sen Rafayel staff members Guerlande (bureau coordinator) and Kesner (book program ) took turns coming to Cap and working with us for a few days. Continuity and community are both important. Hopefully both offices will provide service in a similar manner, while reflecting the unique community in which they are located. As well, staff members reported that the experience helped them feel connected to the larger staff community.                                                                 

Guerlande takes over Auguste's desk

Mona, Carline and Edwige take a 'snow break' from
 the book program. Our old  fridge is a blessing in disguise.

Sherlyne and Myriame begin Phase II, assembling
text books from new lists.

Although the calendar tells us it's September, nature hasn't caught on. Temperatures (inside and out) continue to cause discomfort. Fortunately we have a manual defrost refrigerator which makes copious amounts of snow. Twice weekly we have snowball fights  -- we call it Canada time.

Bits and Pieces

Inea has been given the green light to attend school, but will undergo removal of her Thyroid on October 29. Thank you Peg for providing the means for her to obtain results.

Auguste travelled to Santiago this weekend to deliver emergency funds. Last week Marlene and Elorge returned home from classes to find their building locked down by police as the owner had begun to construct a 4th floor without permit or safety measures in place. They lost their deposit and had to scramble to find a new place.  The cost of his travel was almost the same as a transfer and provided  a much needed weekend away.

Intake continues -meet Ednie (5th yr. HS) both parents deceased.
Micheline has passed all courses and practicum and qualifies for graduation. Our first Medical Technologist.

Nicolly (here with Auguste reviewing transcripts) has been accepted into the
 5 yr agriculture program at the University at Limbe.
Thanks to sponsor Joan for helping us get him this far. Now he needs a few more Starthrowers in Action
 to join Joan and see him through.
Jeff- thanks for dropping in last Saturday - it was so great to catch up (Marlene's sponsor from Texas). Congratulations on the impending arrival Jess, Mollie and Anna. Mil mesi for the laptop for Deles and Vincent. Now they'll be able to complete their thesis on time. We're going to have 2 university graduates this year.

Marjorie ( Elorge and nursing student sponsor) - thanks for the phone call Friday - I was in Sen Rafayel in the middle of a difficult discussion and your timing ( as well as wry sense of humour) was perfect.

Daniel -(web guy, sponsor Consienne)  thanks for taking my call early yesterday and letting me vent.

What would life be without friends?

Much more later

Kembe pa lage

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Peg Fisher said...

So glad to hear from you! Congratulations to all who passed, and may those rewriting, and trying again have increased success as well. May all go well with Inea's thyroid surgery too.

Sending lots of good wishes for everyone, Peg


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