Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Under the weather, exam results, Monise

Hi All

Here is a partial list of reasons why this blog is overdue:

1) In July the operating system on my laptop was compromised and I was without a computer

2) I flew to Provo in the Turks and Caicos to purchase a new laptop - arrangements and flight coordinating took some time.

3) While travelling I picked up a particularly virulent chest infection which flattened me . Today (Aug. 28) was the first day I have felt slightly human

4) Tropical storm Isaac paid us a visit for several days knocking out electricity, cell phones and internet

Of interest but not on the list is the fact that apparently I shared my hotel room in Provo with at least one mouse which chewed through my backpack to get to  protein bars I had purchased there to bring back to Cap. It was a tenacious mouse - 2 bars were destroyed /or enjoyed (depending on your perspective)

Preparing for Isaac - can you find Auguste  in the tree?

Because of our subscription to the national hurricane center website, updates provided ample time to prepare both locations. In Cap-Haitien, Auguste, Rosema and Lusnot spent an afternoon trimming the huge tree in our front yard. The wires in front of it are (believe it or not) the EDH (Electrique d'Haiti) feed into the house. Although the tree had been trimmed in September, it was again a threat. In the corner of the picture the text book repair program continues with mild interest in the proceedings.
In Sen Rafayel, Edeline and staff scoured the market looking for tinned fish (nothing else available)for the dogs and sachets of drinking water for students. In both locations we did a clean up of the yard (lakou-a) picking up anything that could go flying in a strong wind. We were ready.
As of to-day we have not been able to travel up the mountain due to fallen rocks, mudslides and uprooted trees. Auguste and Myriame are heading up to-morrow, hopefully to deliver supplies, support the staff and pack up the text books which have been repaired since our last visit.

Sherlyne prepares Myriame to take over the Book program.
Sherlyne was BON for Philo so heads to university for nursing.
Myriame is being groomed by Sherlyne to take over coordinating the Book program. It is a huge undertaking as it means travelling to and co-ordinating staff/materials at both centers.  While Isaac was dropping in, some results from the Ministry also arrived. Sherlyne, Edwina, Suzeline  and Lusnot were all bon (passed) for Philo.  Myriame, Phana and Dahendie were bon for Retho.
With returning health comes returning responsibilities, so I spent the day reconstructing sponsor reports now that there are some results to report. That lost operating system had given me much grief. Sherlyne's sponsor replied with an email that she was supporting her through university to study nursing. I'm so happy for Sherlyne but it means replacing her in the book program. Myriame has been working with her this summer and should be ready to take over in the fall when school resumes. Our biggest challenge now is to find enough new backpacks for each student. Cindy reports that she has backpacks in Pennsylvania ready to go but when they will arrive is anyone's guess. In the meantime we search the marketplace and pay the equivalent of $25-30. USD for a new but often not strong  backpack. We had 26 on hand and to-day we found 18. We need 150.
Fresh from his Philo success, Lusnot tutors Venise and Marik (Philo)
Rewrites are usually within 2 weeks of result post.

Dieugrand and Paudeline - working on Physics for Retho

Camiose prepares French Lit. while Jolie
guards the corner
Students writing baccalaureat exams are either Admi(pass)/Ajoune (must rewrite close to passing marks) or Elimine (fail). Here in Cap we have 6 Ajoune, the rest Admi.  No eliminations!! This means every corner is occupied with students preparing to rewrite. Our text book program was relegated to the parking space to-day. We have a better than 90% pass rate.

Christamene, Carline and Mona - relegated to the parking space
We are flexible!
There are still no results for Sen Rafayel. It creates a bit of a panic if rewrites are necessary. Sunday Auguste and I will head back to Sen Rafayel for the week to begin  home visits to the 45 students admitted to our program. It is so difficult to cut 300 plus down to so few.

While every letter is from the heart and usually says a great deal in a few paragraphs, there are those which stay with me. Meet Monise.

Monise - asks for the consolation of a manual trade
Her letter - as always click on image to enlarge

(Translation from Kreyol)

Dear Madam
I greet you and compliment you for the good work you are doing in the area of education because education is the key to life and one becomes an active person in society by education. I don't know the words I can use  to encourage you to keep firm to your good work.
I am writing you because I was admitted to Reto but because of illness I did not finish 3rd trimest. This year its 3 years since I went to school. My papa died in 2000, just maman kept us alive to-gether but she contracted a grave illness and died in 2011 leaving us 10, 5 girls and 5 boys.
Each time I reflect on my life it doesn't make sense  because I'm not doing anything. If I had a manual trade I could take consolation in it.
This year the goal/objective of my life is to go to school to study sewing but I don't have the means. It's for this I am writing you - to ask for help in this situation.
I already thank you for receiving my letter.

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