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Cap-Haitien,nursing students

It's 4:04 am and I'm working in my 'junior garden suite' (ground level room which overlooks the driveway) at the Ports of Call in Providenciales. Although it created a bit of chaos in the house in Cap Haitien, leaving a day early proved to be essential to making to-day's connecting flight to Toronto. The normally 8 am departure left Cap shortly after noon. Apparently the airline is one plane short due to maintenance. Which gives me the luxury of being able to get up at 4 am and blog. No roosters, no sun, just the hum of electricity and an occasional passing vehicle.

Auguste emailed me last night as we were expecting exam results for Sherlyne and Edwina  They had written entrance exams for  University Roi Henri Christophe in Cap Haitien for entrance into the 4 year nursing program.. It has taken the better part of a month and two trips to Port-au-Prince for archived Releve de Notes for every year of school  plus trips to the police station for a statement of good character and Justinien Hospital for medical clearance to secure the papers to register.It is an expensive, time consuming process.

Both were accepted. We are probably going to turn out enough nurses to ease the shortage. Certainly enough to staff our fledgling Sen Rafayel Clinic.

Sherlyne - 1st year nursing
   Sherlyne has a sponsor for the full 4 years of her  program. Thank you Mme Yvonne. 

Edwina - 1st year nursing
Edwina has two sponsorship's which cover approximately half of her fees. Thank you Yvonne and Joan. This year we need another $1500. to get her through first year. That could be one donation or 3 donations of $40. per month (or any variation which gets us there). 

 Venise  also hopes to study nursing but her results came too late for application. She will sit out the year and we'll will look for funds for next year.

When I entered Milot hospital last month with pneumonia, one of our 4th year nursing students Alland was on duty. It was an overwhelming feeling to see him in action,  confident, professional, respectful. These young people make many sacrifices to pursue their chosen profession. Sponsor fees do not cover everything and there are times when they are hungry or without supplies. But Haitian students are world class when it comes to degaje (managing)

4th year nursing students Wisly and Gaby discuss workshop topics for 
both our centers with director Auguste.We ask them to give something back and the
 information programs 
were their idea.

All of our students are excelling both academically and in their practicum programs. Our boys continue maintaining top of the class standing. Brunie enters third year with a 90% average.
Brunie receiving her cap.
The school year for senior nursing students has already begun. First years will begin Oct. 28th. With the exception of Sherlyne, all of our nursing students are in need of sponsorship funds. The others are supported
by groups of Starthrowers In Action. Sadly this past year two of our sponsors died. Perhaps we could dedicate Starthrowers in Action to students in medical fields. Just a thought!

About 90% of our Cap-Haitien students.
Before I left on Thursday, we attempted to get our Cap-Haitien secondary students together for a group shot. It was the same as Sen Rafayel. Kids realizing they are not alone, eating together, getting to know each other, beginning new friendships which for some will last a lifetime.

Full house in Cap
As I mentioned last blog, it takes a dedicated staff to operate so many programs  successfully: intake, home visits, text book refurbish, registration, uniforms, medical, dental, eyeglass, potable water distribution, study sacks, tutoring etc.

In addition to secondary school, our university programs are all managed by Cap-Haitien staff.

Cap-Haitian staff:
Front row: Jolie(canine security)
2nd row:Dieugrand (grounds)Auguste (director)Joceline (house)
Edwina (book program) Lusnot (branch coordinator)
3rd: Sherlyne (book program coordinator) Camiose (book program)
Rosema (grounds/dogs) Myriame (Book program and office support)
Rear: me
The new year has begun. Thank you for the part you played. I hope that you will be around for the further adventures of Starthrower in Haiti. Please tell a friend.

If you are in the Orangeville area, I will be speaking at the Mill St. Branch Library this Wednesday at 7 pm. Hope to see you there.

Kembe pa lage.

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