Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make the World Awesome

After 3 weeks in Canada, I returned to Cap-Haitien yesterday - returned to no electricity,  temperatures well over 100,  a symphony created by horns, roosters, dogs, cats, gun fire, children screaming (at play?) , house choirs singing, angry voices in 'discussion'... Symphony or cacophony? It's in the ear of the beholder.

I also returned to a household tetanba (upside down). On March 19, our beautiful dog Joli (who had been 'fixed' by the local vet) presented us with 5 adorable puppies. Surprise! Veterinary science with a twist.

Joli and family - 5 days old
Sablo, Ti Jo, Tchale,  Senkyeme (nursing)and Ti Ke'm (in front)

My return was heralded by dogs everywhere - now  2 months old. How they had grown. Obviously I smelled the same as they had definitely not forgotten me.

Tchale, Ti Jo, Senkyeme and Sablo with mom in the corner.
First born Ti Ke was off by himself - probably reading a book.
Typical first born behaviour.

What does this have to do with making the world awesome, you ask? Aside from the factthat these are my first (and last) puppies and they are pretty awesome, everytime I return to Canada I meet wonderful people - sponsors, volunteers, students...

Last week I was invited to Laurelwoods Elementary School. Resource teacher Monica McDonald, whom I had met last fall at Acheson's Fundraiser, had shared with the Grade 6 class the story of Starthower and what we are doing in Haiti.

Laurelwoods ES - home of some pretty amazing people.
With the support of classroom teacher Ms. Michaels and French teacher Mme, a fundraising activity was planned and put into action. Everyone took part. They made beaded earrings and sold them for $6 a pair. Every pair was unique. They designed packaging for transporting .
The work corner where genius designs came to fruition using wire and beads.

Display and sales where business was brisk.

At the end of the visit I was presented with the proceeds of the first 3 days of sales - $1000.
 That 's a lot of earrings!!!!!

The savvy young man looking at the camera is Remington, who added the challenge
 "MAKE THE WORLD AWESOME' to the packaging design. 
I am modelling a pair of their earrings.

They had already decided as a group how the funds would be spent. They are going to kick start our "Borrow a Bike" program which we will be implementing in Sen Rafayel for the new school year. I'll let you know how we make out.
One final group shot and the visit comes to an end.

Later that day back at my apartment, 4 librarians from Mill St. library volunteered to come to work after work. They trooped in with enthusiasm to help package the more than 100,000 Aqua Tabs which we received from OVERT (Ontario Volunteer Emergency Response Team) by way of Sylvia, a nurse from Bowmanville , who seems inexhaustible in her volunteer activities.

Shoeless Jane, Leslie, Kathy and Deb - they packaged over 50,000 Aqua tabs in just a few hours. Many hands.....
To everyone who was so supportive during my recent trip, mil mesi. Thanks are insufficient but I don't have a job so I can't pay you.

A big thank you to Dr. Ann Voyame and the staff of Dufferin Veterinary Clinic for your support and meds donations. Thanks to Kim of Euphoria for feeding me every day. Thanks to Janet Nieuwehuis, bookkeeper extraordinaire for doing my tax return.

Thanks to Yvonne, Cindy, Ingrid, Daniel, Nico, Diane, BettyLou, Benjamin, Marilyn and on it goes. If I have left you out it was inadvertent. The universe knows.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. That is probably true in some situations. Sometimes it takes a child to raise us up - show that EVERYONE can make a difference, regardless of age, social status, income.....

So I leave you with the wisdom of Remington and the Grade 6 class of Laurelwoods ES


Til the next time

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