Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter, everyone! Schools were closed for Holy Week, so the principal came from St. Raphael to bring me the list of students needing sponsoring for next year. Most of them are teenagers.

Every day, someone comes to the house asking for money to pay for a funeral, or to get someone out of jail who is there because they had no money to pay for a funeral. Every day, a couple of kids come in asking for sponsoring. I had to tell them that I didn't know how much money we would have, and I started taking a waiting list. But there were so many, I am now asking them to come back in the summer when we know how much money we have, and know how many we can sponsor.

We did more painting at the house this week -- a communal work group. It will take a long time, but we will get it done. There was some type of stomach bug going around this week -- everyone seemed to have it -- so I wasn't able to go look at the bed situation as I had planned.

I recommend a book I am currently reading about Haiti, The Serpent and The Rainbow, by Wade Davis.

Till next week, Sharon.

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