Sunday, March 20, 2005

There are still problems with the satellite downlink in the internet cafes, so I am using the owner's machine. I purchased paint and brushes last week and started to paint the house in preparation for our visitors in the summer.

As the kids here have conje (holidays), I have hired a couple to work. I've had 2 requests for beds from our kids so will go with them to their homes this week via several taptaps to determine how much sleeping space they have, and then come back to Cap-Haitien, purchase beds and somehow arrange to deliver them. I think that one double bed will sleep 4 of them. Right now they are sleepiing on the floor.

One of our neighbors is a charpent (carpenter) so I ordered 2 tables and 4 benches to be used as work tables to prepare the liv yo (books) and valise yo (backpacks). They were delivered yesterday and are well made and sturdy.

Walked home with Mme Jocelyne, our lesivye (laundress), last week to meet her family -- 7 children under the age of 10, her husband was killed in a marketplace accident 2 years ago. Their house is only about 6' by 6' for 7 people. She wants me to return this week to take pictures of the kids. She told me that what she wants most is to learn to read and write, so will we set up some sort of adult education program? This is out of my area of expertise -- help!!!

Boss electrician came yesterday (Sat.) and tells me that the wiring is now repaired and we can begin to pump water.

Ala pwochen (until the next time),


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