Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hello everyone,

Today is the first working internet service since I arrived. There's still no phone or hydro. Gas costs $30/gallon now, and once again, the price of material for uniforms and for food are higher, with very limited quantities available.

A very sad day today, as we have just buried Djempson Cadeau, 7. His brother Kesner, 16, is one of the students we sponsor. Kesner is the head of this family of four. The mom and dad are both dead. Kesner is filled with guilt that he did something wrong as he could not keep his brother alive.

This family's situation underscores our mission to support students in school and at home, as well as pay for medical and dental when needed. It is not possible to pay for only for schooling, since if the other factors are ignored, these young people will be most likely be repeating every year. It is simply not possible to learn or attend regularly when you are hungry, sick or frightened.

Since robberies are on the rise, apparently, M. Brutus has installed a back door in the kitchen at Lakay Fondasyon, and he is in the process of increasing the height of our security wall which he will top with barbed wire. Another 'Boss' is coming to fix the roof which has been leaking. In addition, one of our reservoirs on the roof is leaking, and so I have been spending a lot of time hiring appropriate help, and purchasing and transporting supplies, as well as doing the actual work.

Local travel is very difficult as tap taps won't stop for 'blan -yo (foreigners) any more, and taxis are asking double the agreed upon fare when you go to pay. The people's anger and frustration seem to have reached the boiling point and with no other outlet for venting, we bear the brunt. Haiti seems to be a country holding its breath.

Kenbe, Sharon

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