Friday, July 22, 2005

There's still no hydro, no phone, though we had hydro for about 2 hours on Monday night, but only 2 rooms had current. Boss Electrisyon has been by several times but cannot ascertain problem without [working] hydro. Ditto the other Boss Electrisyon who services refrigerators. It appears that ours has 'died'. Without hydro, it is a very nice icebox. The temperature reached 140F yesterday, and the large blocks of ice we buy on the street last about 4 hours.

We have 15 students working at the house -- about 10 are digging a new garbage pit in the garden area and cleaning the security wall in preparation for whitewashing. The others are working on the gallery with textbooks. They have finished cleaning, repairing and covering the books, which are now ready to add to the backpacks that Pat, Amy and Marisa are bringing with them when they come in August. Then we can sort texts according to grade level and school. While that is going on, two others will scour the market every day with a list of the books we still need.

I have been able to purchase rice and beans in large sacks and I am distributing small sacks of each on Fridays, along with magi (spice) and a little oil. I travelled to Diegrand's house on Tueday to see it. He borrowed the money for rent and is working it off. He's so proud of the one room dirt fllo he shares with his sister.

Boss Plombier repaired our reservoir yesterday and we are able to pump water again. Boss Mason has almost finished the increased security wall. We are going to build a small patio in the corner of the garden when he is finished. (We need a way to use all the rocks the neighbours have tossed into our yard over the years.) It will be magnificent.

Many come knocking on portail daily asking for help to complete high school, each bringing the necessary supporting documents. We don't need to go looking for kids -- they are finding us. We could easily compile a list of 500.

Time is up - kenbe - Sharon

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