Thursday, February 9, 2006

Hello, Everyone!

Good news! Jack's wife had a baby girl on Monday morning, their second. She has travelled by bus up the mountain with the baby to recuperate with family. Jack came in a few hours after the birth to gather branches from all of our trees as well as a chunk of bark from each. The leaves were used to create a soup for madam to bathe in, and tea was made from the bark. Both tea and soup are to aid postpartum healing.

Ylene Fidele, Volcy Nelson and Odelin Excellent are being treated for malaria.

Djohn Dejois arrived from Sen Rafayel this morning at about 7 a.m. He was ill, but had been to see Soeur Ginette (she has reopened the little clinic). We are sponsoring his apprenticeship as a carpenter. Yesterday while he was at work, thieves broke into his little house, [His mom died last year, his dad is very ill and is with relatives, he has 4 younger sisters). The thieves took everything, including the bed he had purchased from his earnings at Lakay Fondasyon last summer. The money has all been spent by now, so the family has no financial support. I gave him my New Balance runners, and a pair of jeans and a few Tshirts, as well as a large sac diri, pwa and lwil [food].

Lycee Boukman closed last week. The teachers went on strike as they have not been paid since the coup almost 2 years ago. We have 4 students in that school. Some of the other students, mostly seniors, went on a tear, and destroyed every classroom, making it difficult for the school to reopen. Their year is lost. All other schools have been closed as of today and will reopen Feb.13th. We are closing Monday and Tuesday to keep staff safe -- no public transport is allowed. No vehicles are allowed, either, as there were some drive-by shootings at polling stations during the last 2 elections. The kids can get to me on foot for food and repose.

[A donor in the U.S.] is arranging monthly drops of donated school supplies to begin when I return in March.

Kenbe, Sharon

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