Monday, March 13, 2006

Toronto, Canada

Hello, Everyone!

Sharon is on her way back to Cap-Haitien, in the company of Laura, a London, Ontario high school student making her first trip to Haiti.

Unfortunately, Sharon's time in Canada this past month was not as productive as usual, as she was being treated for a bacterial infection contracted in Haiti. Such infections are a fact of life, despite every precaution. We all wish her a full, and hopefully speedy, recovery. [If you are traveling to Haiti, see the CDC Shigella Information Page for details.]

As soon as she is able, Sharon will send updates via email. I will be posting the pictures she brought back with her as soon as I receive them.

Thanks to all who supported Laura's fundraising Bowling for Haiti to help finance her trip. While Sharon continues to recuperate, Laura will be a great help at Lakay Fondasyon for the two weeks she will be there.

And thanks, too, to all who are supporting Francilien, the U.K. marathoner, who is dedicating two Marathon fundraisers to Starthrower Foundation.


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