Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hello, Everyone!

Thanks to donors in England , the U.S. and Canada, we've sponsored 71 young people. I think (going from memory) there are 12 in trades (metiye-yo) and the rest are in high school. This leaves 79 students whom we sponsored last year still unregistered, as well as hundreds of other hopefuls on our second wait list.

The largest segment of those still not sponsored is in Sen Rafayel. I have not been able to travel to Sen Rafayel for the past 2 years as we have no vehicle, and public transit along that route is very unsafe. Unfortunately, some of the money and supplies we sent did not arrive at the intended destination. If we concentrate on Cap-Haitien, we are able to make home visits as well as make certain very little (hopefully nothing) goes astray.

Djohn came down the mountain on Friday with Claudy to pick up back packs and text books for Sen Rafayel. He was very happy to hear that Mme Cindy in Pennsylvania is sending a carpenter's scraper (gratwa) for him. I saw that he was very ill, so I took a chance and sent him with one of the girls to the corner clinic as I was certain he had malaria. Unfortunately, I was right, but fortunately, the nurse was able to make this diagnosis, and we sent him home with the necessary meds.

Dieumane is very ill with a parasite infection. Jhennie has an eye infection and needs glasses. She had a prescription which she lost and the doctor who prescribed it has since left Haiti. We will try to find another. Everyone here needs sunglasses and hats. The dust is very hard on the eyes and carries everything. Our neighbours continue to burn tires (couatchou). I think the smell is part of my genetic code now.

Elorge's kompoze was pa bon, meaning he will have to repeat the year. Unfortunately every one who had to kompoze anko was pa bon. Also unfortunately, we now need to find a new school for Elorge as his school in Sen Rafayel will not offer Philo this year due to decreased enrolment. Many who must repeat the year do not have the means to pay for a second try.

I was able to change my flight back to Toronto. I leave Wednesday, September 13, and arrive in Toronto on Friday night. Depending on how fast I can recuperate, I hope I can return to Cap-Haitien earlier than planned, perhaps by mid November. Because I am leaving early, our Day of Reflection (Sept. 17) has been cancelled as the house will be closed. Food distribution will continue on a weekly basis while I am gone. Jud is taking Abel to the market on Monday morning to purchase enough supplies for 10 weeks. He and Dieugrand will package on Saturdays and distribute on Sundays.

This past Friday was the last day for work for most of the summer staff. Rosenie will work on Monday and Tuesday with Abel to finish purchasing and processing the few text books we still need. Mme Carmene cooked diri ak pwa et legim (rice, beans and veggies) on Friday, and we had an end-of-summer meal together. Mme Marjorie is visiting from Sarnia, Ontario, and she joined us for the afternoon.

Kenbe, Sharon

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