Saturday, October 7, 2006

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Hello Everyone,

As you may know, I am back in Ontario to attend to health concerns as well as to work on fundraising and Starthrower Foundation's year end (September 30).

I would like to thank the Patton Township Lions Club at State College, Pennsylvania, and Don and Sharon H. Together, they purchased a Perkin's Brailler for Guilene M. in Sen Rafayel. Also thanks to Cindy W. for finding a manual typewriter for Guilene (and also, I believe, a battery operated cassette recorder). When Guilene gets these items, she will be able to keep up with class work even though she's not in a specially equipped school. She is entering 2eme secondaire, the 5th year of high school. It is likely she will stay in Sen Rafayel to complete high school as the area of Port au Prince in which her previous school is located is in the middle of much of the action. The challenge now is to transport these items safely from Pennsylvania to Haiti.

Thanks to all our Marathoners for their past and future fundraising efforts. We all wish them success. Francilien ran a marathon in the United Kingdom on October 1. Orangeville, Ontario, naturopath Dr. Wendy Davis plans to run a marathon at Disneyworld in January 2007 for Starthrower, and one of her friends will run a half-marathon for us.

As We Grow, a clothing store in Orangeville, Ontario, owned by Janice Gooding, is sponsoring a Starthrower Foundation Information day on Saturday, Oct 28. I will be set up in a tent to show the video that was shot in Cap-Haitien this past summer. If you will be in the area, please come by to show your support. Janice Gooding is challenging the community of Orangeville to line Broadway (our main street) with loonies ($1 coins) for Starthrower. Brownies and Girl Guides will facilitate collection. (More information: As We Grow - The Cardwell Collection, 113 Broadway, Orangeville, ON Phone (519) 941-8733) (See also Fundraisers)

Our treasurer, Bev, reports that Starthrower Foundations's annual general meeting is tentatively set for November 5, 2006, in London, Ontario. Bev adds that 'Our financial health is nil', including the monies needed for the annual (mandatory) audit. Bev says that Starthrower is still waiting for responses on our proposals for grants.

This weekend, in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Every one of us has much to be thankful for. Let's truly appreciate all that we have been given, and re-dedicate ourselves to helping those those less fortunate.



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