Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Easter Exams Break, Medical News, Family Help

Hello Everyone,

Modeline is scheduled for her surgery on Easter Monday, April 9. Many of the kids are off school now, until after Easter, about 3 weeks. Some are doing exams). The hospital won't be keeping her, so she's coming here for her recovery.

There's a family in Sen Rafayel that needs some help. Kesner, 17, is the eldest, and he is taking care of his twin brother and sister (age 14) and their 13 year old brother since their parents and then another brother passed away. When his parents died a few years ago, Kesner dropped out of school to try to 'take care of his family, now'. As it is, they only eat about once a week, and are missing their schooling. This is just not right. These kids shouldn't be suffering like this. Kesner's decided to learn to sew. I think this is very smart. Once he learns to sew (about three years), he can get money to support the family. We can help him get a good sewing machine and he can be a tailor. I want to go up to Sen Rafayel and see how they are all doing. The kids here at the house think we should close for a day, find a vehicle, go to Sen Rafayel, take the camera, get photos of this family, the schools, their homes and ask everyone to help them. I will see what I can do and let you know.

Deles, 27, our very first graduate, is still hoping to study agronomy, and is awaiting a sponsor (Someone? Anyone? He's a great guy!). In the interim, he's been tutoring our kids in science before and after school, seven days a week. So many of them need help with science!

Our electrician discovered that two households near us have been tapping into our private transformer to get power to their homes. When he approached them to tell them to disconnect the wires, they refused at first. When he offered to let the police handle it, they took the wires down. I guess we will just have to check the transformer every second day or so.

On Friday, when Mark from the U.S. came to visit, he said he thinks it's possible to set up a Wifi router here so that we can access internet from the house. This would be wonderful. We could be our own little cyber cafe! And the kids could use the internet. Can someone look into that project about 'One Laptop' or 'A Laptop for every child' and see if Haiti qualifies?

We continue to post our monthly Birthday List of those marking their birthday that month. I discovered that for some time now, I've been calling one student by his surname, not his given name. It seems his birth certificate shows his given and surnames in the wrong order. I asked why he hadn't corrected me before now, and he smiled and said, "I didn't want to embarrass you."

With the shipment I'd sent from Canada that came last month, we now have enough multivitamins to carry us through for 6-12 months, depending on the numbers of kids. We could use some chewable vitamin C, though.

Marlene is still waiting for information about getting into nursing schools, and is still staying with me week nights. Sister Rosemary comes on the weekends to help me manage while my arm is in the cast. I am very glad for their help. I never realized how difficult it can be to get by with the use of only one arm. I am due to go back to the doctor on March 21 to have the arm assessed, and possibly have the cast removed. Once the cast is off, I am to have intensive physio for 4 weeks to get back full movement.

Thanks to those who've sent help, and those who've offered to come to Cap-Haitien and volunteer their time and skills. We can do this! We CAN help these kids!

Until next time, Kenbe

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Karen said...

Update on family in Cap-Haitien:
thanks to those who responded so promptly with offers to help this family, and to those who are shipping/mailing supplies.

I am continually amazed and gratified to encounter so many truly kind and generous people.


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