Sunday, March 18, 2007

Half Marathon Fundraising for Starthrower in the U.K

Hello Everyone,

I am posting (with permission) the following email from Francilien in the U.K. If you know anyone there who would like to support his efforts, please send them this blog post. Francilien is Haiti born, and planning to visit Cap-Haitien this summer. I look forward to meeting him, and to thank him in person for his past two marathon fundraisers that sponsored several children in school.

"I am training hard every other day to run the half marathon I am organised on the 21st of April to raise some funds for the youth in Haiti. I got up at 5 o'clock in the morning every other day and run for two hours before I start working.

The weather is ok in London at the moment and I have met some people who are interested in sponsor me, but I have not yet found anybody who would like to run with me. It does not matter if I have to run on my own. The key point is to get some people who are interested in giving some money for such a good cause. Fortunately, I have talked to quite a lot of people who want to dip in their pocket for that.
Well, the training is going fine. I am determined to keep going and I can see all the youth in Haiti who can do with a helping hand. I thank everybody who is contributing in their development.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the latest update of starthrower foundation. I pray for you all who are working for the good development of starthrowerfoundation in Haiti. May God bless you all.
kimbe pa lague."

If you would like to email Francilien with moral support and encouragement, please use the Starthrower email and it will be sent on to him.

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