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Funds Needed For Haiti Schooling, Medical Treatment

Hello Everyone!

I am including the short update from Auguste (posted below my message) as we have yet another need for funds.

Guilene, the blind girl in St. Raphael who received a Brailler from Penn. (info at Starthrower Foundation) had an infection in March. Soeur Ginette was unable to help, so she sent Guilene down the mountain to our centre in Cap-Haitien. We took her to the Hosp. Justinien, which has an Opthalmology clinic run by a Cuban doctor.

At that time, he told us there was a surgery which would give Guilene some sight (she's been blind from birth), but she would have to go to the Dominican Republic. I asked Marlene to follow up while I was in Canada, as she -- Marlene-- wants to be a doctor. This email (below) from Auguste says that Guilene will go to the hospital in Milot for further tests first. If the surgery is do-able, we will need funds for passports, visas, travel and accommodations etc.

In addition to Guilene, Rosenie is ill and Micheline has not yet recovered. We have no update on Jean Ricot (see previous posts). Modeline was given the okay to return to school as long as she did not exert herself. She has a 15 km / 9 1/3 miles walk to school then return. We are providing money for tap tap but she still has a 5 k walk to the street to catch the tap tap.

As you can see from this brief update, there are so many reasons why a vehicle (or 2) is a necessity, not a luxury. Here alone, we need transport to Justinien Hosp, Milot hosp, Dominican Republic, to and from school for Modeline, to check on Jean Ricot. Most of our students do not live on or near tap tap lines. And this is in addition to the ongoing needs for the feeding program, tuition, etc.

In addition, in my update Jan. 21, 2007, I set down the amount needed to raise by thsi summer to sponsor the children for the coming school year. The total was $55,000. As of today, we have just under a quarter of what we need. Again this year, we will be faced with saying 'no' to many.

Gratitude and blessings to those who have helped this year, and whose donations and sponsorships are still to come. Funds are used very judiciously; However, prices continue to rise, making life more difficult for the poor, and shrinking the buying power of donations.

One at a time -



Emails from Auguste (in kreyol)

From: auguste
To: sharon gaskell
Subject: Guilene
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 18:32:54 +0200 (CEST)

bonjou, Mme

Marlene te ale cheche enfomasyon pou Guilene. Dr Guerline di gen espesyalis Cubenn kap vini nan lopital sakre coeur Milot samdi 26 me 2007.

pou li ale ak Guilene Mesadieu we yo avan li ale nan sendomeng.

sharon gaskell a écrit ::

Bonjou anko

Silvouple dit Jack ti chat yo kap ale nan nouvo kay la semen sa. Ti bel en fas nou a Mme Gerda, Ti woz a Mme Joceline epi Ti Bet a Mme Carmene. (Si yo pa deja ale)

Nou gen bwat yo epi nouriti pou chak. Sonje tout moun chak bezwen dlo toutle tan api manje chak jou.


From: auguste
To: sharon gaskell
Subject: enfomasyon
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 15:33:11 +0200 (CEST)

bonjou Mme

koman sante ou ye? Nou tre byen nan lakay.

Wi gen Rezilta sonde pou Micheline ( enfeksyon ak anemi men yo pa di ki enfeksyon ).

Rosenie malad li pa ka fe twalet depi 2 semen. ( Rezilta sonde parasitose intestinale , anemie modiree ).

mesi a la prochen

Bondye beni ou

sharon gaskell a écrit :

Mesi Auguste

Eske nou gen rezilta sonde pou Micheline?

M byen content chat la pa bezwen lot rendevou ak dokte osi Jack te komanse auto ecole.

M'ap kontiye ale pou physio epi plis radiographie pas ke ponyet te kraze nan 2 plas pa yon. Dokte pa te we 2eme. Sa se poukisa m toujou gen dole.

M kontan wifi mache byen. M Marc gen panaux solaire, batri yo epi plis ordinateur.Le m rive nou kap pale. bezwen yon plas pou tout moun utilize ordinateur yo - petet grand salle.??

Tann fini nan bibliotek



From: auguste
To: sharon gaskell
Subject: RE : Tout Bagay
Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 21:25:14 +0200 (CEST)

Bonjou, Mme

Koman ou ye? Nou byen.

System WIFI mache bien. Te gen 22 kite vini pou sak nouri dimanch.

Jack komanse ak priorite auto ecole. Jack pa te ale nan veterine ak ti chat la paske li bon.

Jean-Ricot pa te vini ..

Micheline Mompremier malad , ke fe mal, diare mwen te voye li nan Lopital Justinien jodia.

mesi n'ap priye pou ou. Bondye beni-ou...

sharon gaskell a écrit :

Bonjou Auguste

Kouman ou ye? et tout moun? Eske Jack te
ale nan veterinaire la ak ti chat la? Li pi byen oubyen non?

M te ale nan physio therapist la lendi epi jodia. Osi me te we dr. Wendy et Dr, Mike. Apre mwen te ale pou plis radiographie yo. M va we lot dokte orthopedist apres resultat sonde. Li nan lot cite donc bezwen taxi-a.

Souple dit bonjou a tout moun epi m'essaye vini vit.

Eske Jean Ricot te vini?Res-la gen bon sante?


Pran swen fanmi mwen

Mme Sharon

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