Monday, July 28, 2008

Haiti State National Exam Results, Sponsors for University, Med School

Hello Everyone,

Last night we had rain and electricity arrive in tandem. They each visited for approximately four hours, losing intensity before they finally bid us good bye. It took electricity (kouran) four tries to grab hold, the thunder (loraj) rumbled all day with promises.

If you have read the new page on the website 'A day in the life' [new page - see Cap Haitien Haiti News], you know something of our daily quest for ice in the absence of hydro. Yesterday all our ice was melted, so I phoned Jackson (our cab driver -- he is treated like staff although he calls me his mother). We made the trip to Champin to get ice only to be told 'glas-la fini net' (no ice).

A kind gentleman waiting to check out his purchases asked me what I did, how long had I been doing it, did I like the country. He then suggested we go to the ice making factory in Morn Rouge if we were desperate. We were.

Following his directions, we arrived after a 30 minute trip over the wonderful Rout Nasyonal. We checked in with two armed guards, arrived at the plant and were greeted by yet another well-armed guard. After an hour wait, our precious ice arrived. Nothing is easy.

Re: State National Exam results Sen Rafayel:
By Friday we had heard from all our students in Sen Rafayel. Of the 5 who wrote Philo in Sen Rafayel, ALL WERE ADMI. Bon. Everyone passed! This is such a BIG THING. These are kids who eat maybe once a week, have never had a bath or shower, no access to clean water, never been to a dentist, live in misery you cannot imagine. Yet they wrote the same exams as the wealthy and well-fed, and passed!

State National Exam results Grand Riviere du Nord:
Plenitude was also successful. As I said on the website, he had come on Friday full of joy at his success and sorrow as his dad had died Monday. He lives a fair distance but I kept him on as he was one of the first children I met 10 years ago. In primary school, he walked 4 hours a day to attend school. Since his high school is in Grand Riviere du Nord, he would periodically borrow a neighbour's cell phone to touch base with us. He said Friday it was our presence that gave him the courage to go on every day. Although he couldn't get here physically, whenever he called, Auguste was there to provide encouragement (li te ankouraje-li).

A similar exam results scenario in Cap-Haitien.
From about 75 percent of our kids in Cap Haitien. Osner just arrived from Lycee Boukman, grinning from ear to ear. He has had most of the teeth on the right side of his mouth pulled, so he looks like a little old man. He was also 'bon/admi' for Philo (7th and last year of high school). Auguste is beaming! He tutored most of these kids throughout the year. We had 100 percent success in Philo in both Sen Rafayel and Cap-Haitien! We are 10 for 10! Absolutely UNHEARD of!!

Out of the 10 who wrote Rheto, we had one ajoune in Sen Rafayel and 2 in Okap (Cap-Haitien). That means they were close enough to a pass that they rewrite for 3 days beginning August 11. Only one did not pass, Martha whom I mentioned (nursed her brother through 2 major illnesses. HE passed.) The other 6 were admi/bon.

This is a brilliant achievement!
I am in awe of these kids. These young people are the ones who will change their country IF given the 'soutyen' (support). If they don't receive it, yet another generation wastes away. And what a perfect birthday gift for Starthrower's birthday celebration!

Currently we have 2 students in second year university in Limbe (Agriculture), two beginning pre-med in the Dominican Republic (and they had to pass Spanish language fluency classes first!), and one in second year medical technology. Four of these have sponsors. Of the nine new grads, 3 want to study agriculture, one to enter nursing, two to study medicine, two to study master mechanic at university in Port-au-Prince, one to study for kindergarten teacher in Cap-Haitien.
  • Osner wants to study engineering. Maybe a group of engineers will sponsor him along with Danius and Johnley.
  • Maybe the nurses federation will support Brunie
  • Maybe the medical association will pick up Alland and Wisky
  • Maybe the teachers federation will sponsor Rosenie for teaching kindergarten
  • Maybe the agriculture association will sponsor Plenitude, Lebrun and Gabriel
  • Maybe the medical technologists assoc. will pick up Micheline.
Could happen!! If you know anyone in these associations, please pass this blog post on to them. These young people have gotten to the upost-secondary stage with your support, and can only succeed with your support.

Speaking of support, we are very grateful for the boxes which were delivered this week from Pennsylvania. Thank you Mme Cindy and company (Mme Paula also I suspect?) The protein powder will be put to use this week after we make our peanut butter.

All for now -- I need to switch solar to the fridge.

Beni-w (blessings)

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Karen said...


This is fantastic news! Give my congrats to all your students, and tell them Well Done! And congrats to you, too, 'Mother'!

Who would have ever thought, when Cindy McG brought us together back in 2002, that in just a few years, Starthrower would have kids graduating high school and going on to university!

Gosh, all we hoped for back then was to find a few backpacks and pencils and pay tuition!

I know this has entailed a lot of robbing Peter to pay Paul, but somehow you are doing it. It's not easy. Thanks for sticking by them.

Let's see if we can get you all some help.


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