Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip to Santiago DR, Exam Results Due, and Obits

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Still no electricity (since first week of July) but finally got on internet server with solar power. Hot and humid -- much thunder, no rain relief.

Last week was a time of sorrow for us . . .
Two of the young people on our waiting list died. Claudy (student and staff member in Sen Rafayel) lost two family members on the same day. Tayo, his 14 year old cousin, had been living with Claudy and his mom since both his parents died in 2006. Claudy had been scraping together the money out of his meager salary to help Tayo complete primary school, and he was waiting for exam results to start high school.

Tayo was very hungry, so he climbed a mango tree to shake loose the last stubborn pieces of fruit. He fell and was dead upon arrival at local clinic. Claudy's uncle died the same day. He was 30 years old, married with 2 small children. He had been bitten by an unidentified insect (ti bet); his body swelled to twice normal, and he died in great pain. There was no coffin or clothing large enough to accommodate. Claudy is now responsible for paying for both funerals.

Paulaine is one of our girls studying sewing (kouti). Her sister, Marie-Djazmeen was 17. She died of unidentified illness. The symptoms were swollen feet and difficulty breathing. She was also waiting for state results to begin high school. She wanted to be a nurse.

It was also a week of adventure.
Elorge and Marlene travelled to Santiago, Dominican Republic to to write entrance exams to study medicine. They had a day of written exams and a day of orals, to judge Spanish fluency. Both were accepted and arrived back here yesterday exhausted and elated.

They were in awe at the size of the university campus and at the equipment in the lab for students. University regulations now require a transcript for every year of high school so they immediately headed for Sen Rafayel to acquire the necessary papers. Then it's back to Santiago for final registration and find reasonable housing.

Exam Results Due
State results for Philo and Rheto are being posted today so we should know by this weekend who passed (admi), who has to write again in August (ajoune) and who will repeat the year (elimine).

Special thanks to Jackie McV. and all her guests in Ontario, who celebrated Jackie's 60th birthday with a combined party and fundraiser for Starthrower. What a great idea! Thanks one and all!

Auguste has added a new installment to the Haiti Culture page.

Plis pi ta (more later)


If anyone is fundraising for tuition and school supplies for the end of August, please let us know.

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