Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News Haiti Hospital Justinien Sharon's Progress Tuesday Morning

Hello Everyone

I was not able to contact Sister Rosemary this morning, but Sharon's sister just sent this message:

"I spoke with Sister this morning at 8:00 a.m. She was sitting with Sharon then and said she was stabilizing.
"Doctors seem surprised at her "progress" but are going to watch carefully for infection over the next few days as she is still very critical." . . .B.L.

I should perhaps explain who Sister Rosemary is and what a blessing it is that she happens to be in Cap-Haitien at all, let alone at this critical time.

Sister Rosemary is a nun of the Sisters of St Joseph (http://www.csj-to.ca/) in Toronto Canada, who has served in Cap-Haitien for many years. She speaks the language, knows well the culture and the hospitals, and many of the residents and has a great support network. Sister Rosemary and Sharon have been friends and colleagues for many years.

Sister Rosemary retired last year, and returned to Canada. I asked her last night how it was she came to be in Haiti at all. She said she had returned to Haiti only a few weeks ago to work on a special project, but had spent the time taking care of Sharon.

Something Sharon said to me years ago when I asked her why she was in Haiti came to mind this morning. [They appear in the Starthrower brochure, and in my story about meeting Sharon at http://www.snapshotjourneys.com/haiti-travel-story.html] :

"Realizing that sitting and crying was not doing any good," she says, "I started asking myself, 'Where do I fit in? What can I do?'"

And she committed herself to work with the kids in Haiti. I cannot do what Sharon does, as much as I may want to, and I am thankful that she is willing and able to do this work that sorely needs doing. But I could learn to do websites, so I did, for Starthrower.

All of us can contribute in some way to keep Starthrower a vital force, and support the work Sharon does, and God willing, will be doing again, and for a long time.

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