Monday, October 6, 2008

Update Sharon Hospital Justinien Cap-Haitien Monday Night

Hello Everyone,

Sister Rosemary called a few minutes ago to say that Sharon is just out of surgery to repair a perforated bowel, as well as having had two colostomies. Surgery ended about 7:30 pm EDT

The news is not good. Sharon is gravely ill. Her condition is not stable, and two doctors will stay with her through the night, as will an experienced nurse.

Sister Rosemary says that everything that can be done, and that could have been done, has been done, down to bringing in meds from other centers, and that Sharon has been getting the best care possible.

Sister Rosemary also said that Mark from NC has been there today, and Jack, one of the staff, has too. As well, two of the girls are again staying with her through the night,

Several of the kids have been staying with Sharon in shifts at the house all last week, and continue to sit with her. As well, last week Sharon had IV meds at home, and an internist came by twice a day to check her.

The Canadian Embassy has been consulted, and will medivac her home, at a cost of $35,000.00, but she was not, is not, stable enough to make this an option, and it hasn't been an option for several days.

Prior to surgery, Sister Rosemary says that Sharon was conscious and talking, but as of when we spoke, was still in the OR. The doctors will not allow her to see Sharon as yet, though they did come out to tell her about the surgery and her condition.

If and when Sharon is conscious, Sister Rosemary will pass on the prayers and messages from those of you who have written to her.

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