Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sharon Gaskell Visit St. Michael's Hospital Toronto

Hello Everyone,

It was a great relief to visit with Sharon yesterday afternoon at St. Michael's Hospital (picture) in Toronto. She is still heavily medicated and undergoing treatment for three (3!) bacterial infections, as well as continuing treatment following her surgery, but her responses are most encouraging. I even managed to elicit several good smiles from her!

At this time, however, like most post-surgery patients, Sharon is really not up to visiting. In the coming few weeks, as her health continues to improve, this will likely change. For now, cards and letters of support and news would really help boost her spirits. The mailing address is:
Sharon Gaskell
Patient Room 96
30 Bond Street, Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1W8
Sharon and her family, Sister Rosemary and doctors are deciding how best to arrange Sharon's recuperation phase. As soon as plans are made, I will let you know. Though it is still early days (hard to believe this time last week she was flying to Toronto from Cap-Haitien!), and the situation can change, at this time Sharon is slated to have another operation just after Christmas. Following her recovery from that surgery, she plans to return to Haiti to continue her work, likely in the Spring.

Prior to going into hospital in Cap-Haitien, Sharon made arrangements for the staff to continue administration at Lakay Fondasyon, Starthrower's center in Haiti, and the staff has been in regular contact with Sister Rosemary in Toronto.

I passed along to her your good wishes and prayers. I will let you know as soon as Sharon is able to receive calls and access emails.

Thank you all for your support, and please keep it coming. Sharon is as committed as always to continuing her work with Starthrower Foundation in Haiti.


Abfab Art Studio said...


Thank you SO much for letting us know about Sharon's progress. It's so good to hear you've been able to visit her and encouraging to hear she was about to share a couple of smiles.

Please let her know she's in my/our thoughts and prayers, and I wish her a speedy full recovery.

Big hugs
Teena in Australia

Karen said...


Thanks for your kind words, Teena. I have passed on your message, and all the messages I've received over the past few weeks, and they seem to cheer her up.

Sharon is still undergoing tests to check on the status of the various infections, etc. so she is not up to visits, even short ones.

She continues to show improvement, which is most encouraging.



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