Thursday, October 23, 2008

Starthrower Students in Haiti, Hospital Update Sharon in Toronto

Hello Everyone,

Week Two in St, Michael's Hospital: Sharon's health continues to gradually improve. Even though the crisis period has passed, her condition is still very much day-to-day, with some days much better than others, if she's had energy-draining testing and scans and various procedures to track issues following her surgeries.

If you've ever been in hospital yourself, you will recall that institution life is not the most conducive to rest, and you sleep when you can. Because of this, Sharon is not up to receiving visitors while undergoing active treatment and recuperation, but I did pass on your messages. Thank you for your support.

And many thanks, too, to those of you who have been Starthrower's 'memory' of details large and small: Donors who continue to sponsor our students in school and university; Maureen, who thought to ask us about the ongoing need for cat food (Natural Choice for Cats, not available in Haiti) and will include it in the box of vitamins, etc she will ship to the staff in Cap-Haitien; Sister Rosemary for stepping up to the plate in timely fashion then and now, and when she returns to Haiti in a few weeks.

Rest assured that Sharon has arranged for Starthrower's center in Haiti to continue operating in her absence. If you have any questions or happen to think of something we may have overlooked at this time, please do not hesitate to email us at the Starthrower address.

When Sharon and I set out to establish Starthrower Foundation, we were determined that one of the things is was NOT to be was yet another charity that worked in Haiti for a few years, then left when the going got tough. Sharon had witnessed the lives of these 'abandonded' kids, and resolved then and there that Starthrower would be in Haiti for the long haul.

This is one of those tough times, tougher than normal as, more than usual, it involves Sharon's own life and health. In addition to trying to recover from her illness, she is also worrying about those left behind in Haiti. Though she is here in Toronto, the needs of the kids in Haiti continue. They still need food, water, shelter and support, medical services and tuition. Please continue to help us help them.

These are trying times for Starthrower, and for the global community. When you have a minute, see this excellent post on Ireland-based Blog, written by one of their staff for blog action day to give perspective to the current economic situation.


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