Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hello! The students and Pat [Materiuk] have come, and gone -- they should all be home in Ontario today. We've had no hydro or phone most of the time they have been here [since August 3]. When the hydro would come on, we'd put the phone on to charge, then by the time it was charged, the phones would be out. And so it went. There was no internet either.

It was great to have Pat here, to 'job shadow' and see what we need to do here. I think she has a good understanding of just what is entailed now.

There have been manifestations (demonstrations) for the past two days, and a general strike, so no taxis etc. We've stayed in the compound, but got out yesterday to make it to the airport so they could catch there flight home. The manfestations continue, so I will stay in for two more days before going out.

The way it's been going this summer with the manifestations and the hydro, I may not be able to contact you again for quite a while. Don't worry, I just wanted to let you know I was all right.

Kenbe, Sharon (by phone)


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