Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hello Everyone!

We seem to be retuning to normal (whatever that is) after the Christmas break. Most of the kids have returned from 'en deyo' (the countryside) and report cards are starting to come in. Now we begin to set up tutoring sessions for those with problems.

Good news! We are now connected to a communal 'transformateur privé' (private transformer) which gives us a little more electricity. Not much on a regular basis, but we did have hydro Sunday, Monday and Wednesday night from about 7 p.m. til morning. First time in 9 years to have hydro all night! This is a strong current also, because we are now able to use it to pump water from our well. This will save on gas for the generator. We had a small flood Monday as the pump was left running all night. With the generator, it is impossible to forget the pump due to the noise. Lesson learned.

Wisky D. and Denis E. (apprentice mechanics) have been working with Jack this week as their Bos has temporarily closed the garage because his child is sick.

Tentatively, we have visitors coming in March (no dates yet) so we are painting the bedrooms.

I sometimes forget the 'mize' (misery) with which our staff and students live. Joceline's brother died Friday and the funeral was yesterday. She came in to work this morning with a hoarse voice and tears in her eyes. The throat problem is from crying, she told me, so I made a pot of tea with three different herbs, added a little honey and suggested she sip it throughout the day.

Jack's niece Sindel (6 months old) died December 22, and Will S.(12) died the same day. Will was the brother of Evaldine, one of our Sen Rafayel group. We had paid for him to go to the hospital in Pignon last summer as he was bleeding from eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Mme. S. asked, but we are unable to pay for the funeral. Will watch that situation as she could end up in prison if the bill is unpaid.

Edwina had an appointment at the hospital yesterday. They had to dilate her eyes for the exam (first time she'd ever had them dilated) and then they sent her out in that bright sun without cover. Edwina was in agony when she arrived here. We brought her inside, put cold cloths over her eyes, and fed her. Abel biked to the market and bought sunglasses for her and I donated my sunhat.

The hospital is on grev (strike) most days as nursing staff have not been paid for 9 months. Edwina was lucky.

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